September 27, 2005

IL-Gov: Edgar & The Leftovers

Dennis Hastert and the rest of the Illinois GOP was left at the altar by Jim Edgar in 2004 so they married Alan Keyes. Now their begging might have worked, Jim Edgar is acting like a candidate for Governor.
Sounding more and more like a candidate for office, former Gov. Jim Edgar said Monday that a decision about his political future should come "very soon" — perhaps within the next few days.

Edgar, who served two terms in the Executive Mansion last decade, has contended for months that he hasn't determined whether he wants to run against Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2006. He stuck to that story Monday, saying the chances are still "50-50."

"This is how you make a decision," he said. "You don't do it quickly and then find out later that you have to change your mind."

But during a speech before more than 400 people at a luncheon sponsored by the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, it would have been easy to mistake the former Republican governor for someone already in the midst of a heated campaign.
CW of Illinois GOP sees Jim Edgar as their great hope to turn Illinois red but, a few leftovers candidates are not going to step down and coronate Jim Edgar.

One of the leftovers, State Senator Steve Rauschenberger was endorse by former U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald.
State Sen. Steve Rauschenberger, for one, announced Monday that his candidacy had been endorsed by former U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald — a key figure within the party's conservative wing.

Fitzgerald, who served one term in Washington before stepping down last year, called Rauschenberger a "thoughtful, independent, honest leader (who) knows the issues better than anyone and will continue my efforts to clean up state government."

Despite speculation to the contrary, Rauschenberger also reaffirmed Monday that he will stay in the race regardless of Edgar's decision, as did Aurora dairy owner Jim Oberweis.

"I plan to be in this until next November," Oberweis said. "I'd welcome him to the race."

Other Republicans either running or considering a run include Chicago businessman Ron Gidwitz, state Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, downstate Sen. Bill Brady and DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett.
With Jim Edgar entrance into the race overshadows the rest of the GOP candidates. Jim Oberweis is a multi-times failed candidate. Steve Rauschenberger does have conservatives base, but no appeal to middle and the rest (Ron Gidwitz, Judy Baar Topinka, Sen. Bill Brady and Joe Birkett) of the leftovers might get scared of the shadow and run away from the race.

A primary battle with be good for Edgar to sharpen his campaigning skills. On the Democratic side Gov. Rod Blagojevich has no opposition, yet. I for one was hoping Paul Vallas head of the Philadelphia Public Schools and former Democratic candidate in 2002 will run against the Governor, but it seem Blagojevich will get a pass. The Governor is going to have a tough race against Edgar, but it is still very winnable.

One person is not going to save the Illinois GOP, it is a weaken party. Golden Boy Edgar might wish he has stayed away from GOP advances.

September 22, 2005

Disgusting ...

.. abominable, awful, creepy, detestable, distasteful, frightful, ghastly, gross, gruesome, hateful, hideous, horrid, horrific, loathsome, lousy, monstrous, nasty, nauseating, objectionable, obnoxious, odious, offensive, outrageous, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, rotten, scandalous, shameless, shocking, sleazeball, sleazy, stinking, vile, vulgar.

These people are also shameless.

abandoned, arrant, audacious, barefaced, depraved, dirty, dissolute, flagrant, hardened, immodest, immoral, improper, impudent, incorrigible, indecent, insolent, lewd, outrageous, presumptuous, profligate, rude, slutty, unabashed, unashamed, unblushing, unchaste, unprincipled.
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush and Republicans in Congress have refused to consider rolling back the $336 billion in new tax cuts that the richest 1 percent are slated to get over the next five years. They say we need to pay for reconstruction not by asking the wealthiest to sacrifice just a little bit, but by massive cuts to spending. And now we see what that means: The Navy Times today reports that those cuts "include trimming military quality-of-life programs, including health care." This, while troops are in battle.
Sometimes, I am at a lost of words to describe Conservatives. So, I have to cuss. Fuckers!

September 19, 2005

Rep. Don Young wants some Credit

Rep. Don Young get pass over for the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee in favor of Rep. Peter King. Now, he is crying over not getting credit for raising money for Red Cross
One of the political journals covering Capitol Hill published a story suggesting Young's chances to become Homeland Security chairman were dashed because he returned from the August recess late, missing the first week of Congress' struggle to respond to hurricane Katrina.

Young said he was absent because he was participating in a Katrina fundraiser in Roslyn, Wash.

"I wasn't going to fly back here and then fly back up. No way," Young said.

He said the event raked in $550,000 for the Red Cross.

"I raised more money (for Katrina victims) as an individual than any other member of this Congress," Young said. "And have I gotten credit for it? No. They want to write some snide little ... remark in the doggone paper."
Oh, you only raised money for Katrina victims to get credit not to help your fellow Americans. Just like a Republican, always asking what do I get out of it. Rep. Don Young is shameless.

September 18, 2005

The Grand Old Spending Party Needs Adult Supervision

The GOP lead by Bush, Cheney, Delay and Frist which runs the federal government are irresponsible children who are spoil brats with credit card pay by us the tax payer. It is no longer the Grand Old Party, it is now the Grand Old Spending Party.
Whatever his other accomplishments, Bush will go down in history as the most fiscally irresponsible chief executive in American history. Since 2001, government spending has gone up from $1.86 trillion to $2.48 trillion, a 33 percent rise in four years! Defense and Homeland Security are not the only culprits. Domestic spending is actually up 36 percent in the same period. These figures come from the libertarian Cato Institute's excellent report "The Grand Old Spending Party," which explains that "throughout the past 40 years, most presidents have cut or restrained lower-priority spending to make room for higher-priority spending. What is driving George W. Bush's budget bloat is a reversal of that trend." To govern is to choose. And Bush has decided not to choose. He wants guns and butter and tax cuts.
Like a spoil brat, President Bush wants everything this way and refuses to upset this little friends in Congress with a veto on a spending bill.
After 9/11 we have created a new government agency, massively increased domestic spending and fought two wars. And the president did all this without rolling back any of his tax cuts—in fact, he expanded them—and refused to veto a single congressional spending bill. [..]

Bush is not the only one to blame. Congressional spending is now completely out of control. The federal coffers are being looted for congressional patronage, and it is being done openly and without any guilt. The highway bill of 1982 had 10 "earmarked" projects—the code word for pork. The 2005 one has 6,371. The bill, written by the House transportation committee, is called the Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users, or TEA-LU (in honor of chairman Don Young's wife, Lu). This use of public office for private whims would seem more appropriate in Saudi Arabia than America. Perhaps next year's bill will include a necklace for Mrs. Young.
Fareed Zakaria becomes more shrill in the rest of this article calling Congress national embarrasment, except that no one is embarrassed.

Senator Obama on Face the Nation calls for adult supervision of the budget process.
This I think is where the problem comes in. You can't fight a war in Iraq that's costing upwards of 200 billion dollars and rebuild Katrina-rebuild N.O. and respond to the aftermath of Katrina-and try to deal with all the other domestic needs that we have, and- then cut taxes for the wealthiest 1% of Americana. I mean there was talk right-immediately after the hurricane that the republicans in the senate were still going to push forward with the repeal the estate tax which is mind boggling I think. We need some adult supervision of the budget process.
True Senator, it is mind boggling. The only way to bring adult leadership to the budget process is voting in a Democratic majorities in Congress in 2006.

September 17, 2005

Left To Die, Without Reason

Why was an quadriplegic left to die in prison for a first time drug offense? What is wrong with this people?
It was on Sept. 20, 2004, that D.C. Superior Court Judge Judith Retchin sentenced Magbie, a quadriplegic since an accident at age 4, to 10 days in the D.C. jail. His crime? Possession of marijuana.

Five days after falling into the hands of the D.C. government, Magbie was dead. He died a horrible death. It was preventable. But nobody in the system cared.

Looking down from her bench, Retchin saw a first-time offender. He controlled his wheelchair with a mouth-operated device. He could breathe only with a battery-controlled pulmonary pacemaker. At night he needed the assistance of a respirator. He could have been sentenced to home detention, where he would have had round-the-clock attention. Instead, Retchin, apparently upset when Magbie refused to swear off weed, which helped him get through a miserable existence, sent him to that taxpayer-supported hellhole near the Anacostia River known as the D.C. jail.

What happened to Magbie at the jail and at Greater Southeast Community Hospital, where his life ended five days later, shouldn't happen to a dog. In fact, it doesn't happen to dogs and cats in the custody of decent and caring people.
I am a paraplegic since 1999, I am able to go to school, stores, movies, restaurants and so on without worrying if I am able to access the places I have to go. Some locations are better than others with their accessibility, I only had a few problems with access to places.

One place I hope I never had to worry about access is to a jail.

In this diary, I have written about Americans With Disabilities Act and Disabled Inmates. I know the person in the story committed a crime and should be in prison for the appropriate amount of time, but the jail should be suitable for this basic needs. Being held in a cell so narrow that he can not turn his wheelchair, being forced to sit in his own waste, not able to go to bathroom or bath without help is inhumane and degrading.

Being able to shower, use the bathroom without help, attending counseling and religious services are basic needs for the prisoner. Americans With Disabilities Act should not stop at the door of a prison.

Via My Left Wing

September 16, 2005

Do Democrats suck at Poker?

Gambler by Kenny Rogers.
He said, "Son, I've made a life out of readin' people's faces,
And knowin' what their cards were by the way they held their eyes.
So if you don't mind my sayin', I can see you're out of aces.
For a taste of your whiskey I'll give you some advice."

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done.
Democratic politicians have bad poker faces, they play their cards too conservatively. The only way to win at Poker is to have courage.
In poker, one must have courage: the courage to bet, to back one's convictions, one's intuitions, one's understanding. There can be no victory without courage. The successful player must be willing to wager on likelihoods. Should he wait for absolutely risk-free certainty, he will win nothing, regardless of the cards he is dealt.

For example, take a player who has never acted with initiative — he has never raised, merely called. Now, at the end of the evening, he is dealt a royal flush. The hand, per se, is unbeatable, but the passive player has never acted aggressively; his current bet (on the sure thing) will signal to the other players that his hand is unbeatable, and they will fold.

His patient, passive quest for certainty has won nothing.

The Democrats, similarly, in their quest for a strategy that would alienate no voters, have given away the store, and they have given away the country.
Go read the rest of David Mamet Op-Ed in the LA Times.

David Mamet in this Op-Ed gives example of when Democrats has sure winners (Gore, Kerry) at the start but at the end they loss to a bold Republican party.

Democrats need to step up to the table and play their cards.
The Democrats are anteing away their time at the table. They may be bold and risk defeat, or be passive and ensure it.

Yes, you are a Racist.

Fleming senior wears racist T-shirt to school
Those are the words a former senior at Fleming Island High School remembers hearing as he walked from his fifth-period algebra class toward the gym. The 18-year-old, who is not being identified due to his family's concerns of safety, had just taken off his Dixie Outfitter T-shirt, exposing a highly offensive shirt.

"What about it?" replied the 18-year-old, skinny and white.

"Well, you know it's racial," said a black student, now in a group confronting the 18-year-old.

"Yeah. So?"

The undershirt the white student wore had a confederate flag on the front with the words "Keep it flying." On the back, a cartoon depicted a group of hooded Klansmen standing outside a church, waving to two others who had just pulled away in a car reading "Just married."

Two black men in nooses were being dragged behind.

Upset by the shirt, a 17-year-old black student hit the white student in the head. A crowd of about 100 students gathered to watch the Aug. 29 fight before authorities intervened.

The white student said he left the school following a three-day suspension. He said he was supposed to go back on a Friday but school officials called and asked his family to keep him home until the following week because "the school's in an uproar." [..]

"I'm not racist or anything," he said. "It's just, some people I hate, some people I don't get along with. And black people just happen to be the ones because they think they're better than everyone else."

The student said his parents were shocked at his decision, Mom dismayed and Dad disappointed.

"I just can't believe you'd wear a shirt like that to school," he said was their reaction. "My mom was kind of upset about it. My dad was like, whatever, it's your life."

The 18-year-old said he has friends who are black, and he said he does not think they would be mad at him because they know he would not do what was depicted on the shirt.

Although a friend has borrowed the shirt, the man said it is "more than likely" he'll keep it in his own wardrobe.

"I'm a redneck," he said. "But no, I'm not racist."

(Hat Tip to Steve Gilliard)

September 15, 2005

STFU, Joe Lieberman

Thomas Schaller over at the Gadflyer.
I've never been much of a fan of Joe Lieberman. It's not just that he has given the Republicans and Bush safe harbor for their policies, or that he's too corporate in his sensibilities as the Insurance State's senator. Or that he was backed by Bill Buckley and his cohorts during his first Senate run. Oh, and yeah, I am still pissed that Lieberman went soft on Al Gore during the Florida recount.

But what most angers me most about Lieberman is his sanctimonious attitude. I don't begrudge a guy his faith, or how he practices it. But Lieberman seems quick to lecture everyone else and slow to tolerate lectures from others. His whining voice just grates on me. He loves to lament in his whimpering, boy-it-pains-me-to-criticize-but-I-feel-I-just-have-to-say-this manner that oozes from his pores. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
I agree.

Being Poor Is Needing That 35-Cent Raise

37 million Americans.
Overall, the nation's poverty rate rose to 12.7 percent of the population last year. Of the 37 million living below the poverty level, close to a third were children.
Over 12 million children live below the poverty line, but what does it mean to be poor?
Being poor is knowing exactly how much everything costs.

Being poor is getting angry at your kids for asking for all the crap they see on TV.

Being poor is having to keep buying $800 cars because they're what you can afford, and then having the cars break down on you, because there's not an $800 car in America that's worth a damn.

Being poor is hoping the toothache goes away.

Being poor is knowing your kid goes to friends' houses but never has friends over to yours.

Being poor is going to the restroom before you get in the school lunch line so your friends will be ahead of you and won't hear you say "I get free lunch" when you get to the cashier.
Go read the John Scalzi Chicago Tribune editorial, BEING POOR.
Being poor is knowing where the shelter is.

Being poor is people who have never been poor wondering why you choose to be so.

Being poor is knowing how hard it is to stop being poor.

Being poor is seeing how few options you have.

Being poor is running in place.

Being poor is people wondering why you didn't leave.
There is a segment of the American population which does not know what it means to be poor and the daily struggles just to get by. I wish it was not so, but when it comes to poverty many are naive or really do not care. I fault the people in power, what ever happen to the war on POVERTY? Why has issues dealing with poverty has become a partisan issue? Which national leader has poverty on top of their agenda?

As you see, there are many question but no answers. In 2004, we had a national campaign which focus on Vietnam, denying homosexual their civil rights, and fear of evil. I do not remember if the candidate I voted for John Kerry even had a policy on ending American poverty. I do remember hearing about Democrats need to reach out to so called middle class voter but what about the voters who live under the poverty line? As Democrats keep on trying to reach swing voter, Republicans are making middle and working classes poorer.

Yes, it is class warfare.

I also might be naive or a bleeding heart liberal but I want poverty to be at top of our agenda. It is a moral issue not a political issue.

It is time to stop running in place and hoping things get better.

September 14, 2005

VP Dick Cheney: I came back four days early

Dick Cheney
When asked by a reporter why he did not return from his vacation earlier than last Thursday, three days after the hurricane hit, the vice president replied: "I came back four days early."
What was so important for Dick Cheney to stay on vacation for three days after the Hurricane hit, he was mansion shopping.
The vice president has at long last lumbered back from a Wyoming vacation, and, reportedly, from shopping for a $2.9 million waterfront estate in St. Michael's, a retreat in the Chesapeake Bay where Rummy has a weekend home, where "Wedding Crashers" was filmed and where rich lobbyists hunt.
Elitists! Mansion shopping while people were dying do to your Administration failures. Dick Cheney you are a 3 days late and a 3 dollasr short.


Willie Nelson, Barack Obama & Farm Aid

Willie Nelson is taking Senator Barack Obama on the road towards Farm Aid.
Barack Obama may be no great lover of country music, but when Willie Nelson calls to ask a favor, how can you say no?

The junior senator from Illinois is scheduled to appear at Farm Aid's 20th anniversary concert Sunday at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park. He joins a lineup that includes Nelson, Kenny Chesney and Neil Young.

Obama, though, is expected to be the only politician on stage.
Along with supporting family farms Farm Aid is also going to help Katrina survivors.
On Thursday, Farm Aid co-founders Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp hosted a teleconference to explain how their organization (also led by rockers Neil Young and Dave Matthews) is helping victims of Hurricane Katrina -- targeting those who need help outside of the cities.

Days after the Gulf Coast was battered by the storm, Farm Aid activated its Family Farm Disaster Fund to encourage donations to devastated farm families along the coast.
This is the 20th anniversary of Farm Aid, it returns back to where is started at Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, Illinois. The money raised is used for help hot line.
The largest chunk of the money raised is used to operate a hot line for family farmers. In addition to providing guidance for financial problems, hot line staffers offer new strategies to stay on their land.

Family farmers near urban areas are encouraged to make deals to sell their food directly to local restaurants. They can also learn through Farm Aid and other organizations how to modify their farming operations to begin producing certified organic food that can be sold at a premium.
If you want more info visit Farm Aid website.
The mission of Farm Aid is to keep family farmers on their land. Family farmers are our only guarantee for fresh, local food. Our goal is to bring together family farmers and citizens to restore family farm-centered agriculture. Family farmers ensure safe, healthful food, protect natural resources, and strengthen local economies.
It is a worthy and goal to help family farmers to keep their land and strengthen American economies for all.

Did Senator Tom Coburn Cry?

Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma denounced "judicial activism" and got emotional when discussion polarization of American politics during Judge John Roberts confirmation hearings.
As the Senate Judiciary Committee began confirmation hearings for Judge John Roberts, Bush's nominee to be the next Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, dead bodies were still clogging the streets in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Maybe it was the strain of watching the worst natural disaster in our nation's history unfold, coupled with the most callous and incompetent government response imaginable, that made one Republican on the committee actually start crying during his opening remarks.

Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma, denounced "judicial activism" and the idea of a Supreme Court that functions as a "superlegislative body.” And then, out of nowhere, his voice broke and he seemed to lose control for a moment, declaring, "my heart aches," and calling for "less polarization, less bitterness, less partisanship." "Our family structures have declined. Our dependency on government has grown," he lamented.

What was Coburn crying about? He seemed to grow emotional when he began talking about our divided country, and calling for one, united America. But the Roberts confirmation battle has been a pretty easy ride so far--it's not like these are shaping up to be highly divisive hearings. With the Republicans in charge of everything in Washington, and Bush on the verge of installing both a new Chief Justice and a second Supreme Court justice, it's not like partisanship is blocking them at every turn. Besides which, Coburn is the guy who called for the death penalty for abortion doctors, denounced his moderate opponent in the 2004 election as "evil," and called homosexuality America's number-one problem. The idea that he's lamenting divisive politics is a little much.
If the Senator really wants a united American, he should step down and apologize for this past remarks. I won’t hold my breath. Tom Coburn is divisive, shameless and conservative who goals is to remake American in this wing nut vision where women, homosexual and civil rights are abolished. Where economic progress is only for wealth among us.

Go ahead and cry, Senator as you and your allies divide this county even more.

September 13, 2005

Radio Host calls hurricane survivors ‘scumbags’, also ‘hates’ 9-11 families

Glenn Beck, a nationally syndicated Clear Channel radio host, on New Orleans hurricane survivors:
But the second thought I had when I saw these people and they had to shut down the Astrodome and lock it down, I thought: I didn't think I could hate victims faster than the 9-11 victims. These guys -- you know it's really sad. We're not hearing anything about Mississippi. We're not hearing anything about Alabama. We're hearing about the victims in New Orleans. This is a 90,000-square-mile disaster site, New Orleans is 181 square miles. A hundred and -- 0.2 percent of the disaster area is New Orleans! And that's all we're hearing about, are the people in New Orleans. Those are the only ones we're seeing on television are the scumbags -- and again, it's not all the people in New Orleans. Most of the people in New Orleans got out! It's just a small percentage of those who were left in New Orleans, or who decided to stay in New Orleans, and they're getting all the attention. It's exactly like the 9-11 victims' families. There's about 10 of them that are spoiling it for everybody.
Glenn Beck also wants 9-11 families to shut the f*** up with all of their whining.
When you are rioting for these tickets, or these ATM cards, the second thing that came to mind was -- and this is horrible to say, and I wonder if I'm alone in this -- you know it took me about a year to start hating the 9-11 victims' families? Took me about a year. And I had such compassion for them, and I really wanted to help them, and I was behind, you know, "Let's give them money, let's get this started." All of this stuff. And I really didn't -- of the 3,000 victims' families, I don't hate all of them. Probably about 10 of them. And when I see a 9-11 victim family on television, or whatever, I'm just like, "Oh shut up!" I'm so sick of them because they're always complaining. And we did our best for them. And, again, it's only about 10.
To those 10 people who lost love one during 9-11 attacks and continue to defy our dear leader should just shut the f*** up and hurricane survivors who stayed in New Orleans should also shut the f*** up and not acted all ‘ghetto’ while trying to get federal aid according to Glenn Beck. To conservatives it is never the fault of their leadership it is the fault of ‘scumbags’ who happen to be poor and unable to leave New Orleans or victims of terror attacks.

Glenn Beck is continuing hateful rhetoric coming from the right during failed presidency of George W. Bush. Except more appalling rhetoric to continue as conservatives start to loss their political power.

September 12, 2005

President Bush Is Out Of Touch

AP reports: Embattled FEMA Director Mike Brown Resigns
Federal Emergency Management Agency director Mike Brown said Monday he has resigned "in the best interest of the agency and best interest of the president," three days after losing his onsite command of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
President Bush is out of touch with American people. Now, President Bush is even out of touch with this own administration.
“Maybe you know something I don’t know.”

That was President Bush’s reponse to a reporter who asked whether he had heard that his own FEMA director, Michael Brown, resigned today from the administration.
Think Progress gives us the second example of President Bush not knowing what is going on inside his own government.

This is now a well known pattern of failed leadership and a complete disregard of running an effective government for the American people by President Bush. Not knowing if the FEMA chief no longer works for you is inexcusable. What will it take for this political base and media supporters to stop making excuses for him?

$1 Billion Is A Lot Of Money

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama:
Even Sen. Jeff Sessions, a Republican from Katrina-damaged Alabama, worried that Congress is rushing too fast to spend taxpayer dollars.

"When figures start flowing up to $200 billion, I have concerns," Sessions said, noting that "$1 billion is a lot of money."
No shit.

So called fiscal conservatives are now worried about spending your taxes dollars but their bigger concern is a political fallout from their economic wing nut base.
But Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) said Republicans need to have heart-to-heart discussions about adding so much to the nation's debt.

"You can't tell me there aren't places to save a penny or two on the dollar and ship it to relief in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi," Hensarling said. "I just don't believe it as I look around." [..]

"We have to be there for the families and the communities," said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.). "But we also have an obligation to the rest of the American people and to future generations." [..]

But some of his colleagues say all Republicans will pay a political price if they ignore their party's principles of reducing federal spending and cutting the deficit.

"If voters want bigger government, sooner or later they're going to return to the genuine article, and that's the Democratic Party," Flake said.

More immediately, Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Fla.) said voters dismayed by the heavy federal spending might opt to stay home from the polls during midterm elections in November 2006.

"Alienating your base of fiscal conservatives is the worst thing you can do in the second year of a two-term administration," Feeney said.
Conservatives are full of shit, Mike Pence is all sudden concern about future generations and Tom Feeney is worried about upsetting fiscal conservatives. Where were they while GOP controlled White House and Congress were passing endless taxes cuts for the most well off , no bid contracts to big money donors, pork barrel spending and tax giveaways to corporate donors. Now, fiscal conservatism is a matter of utmost importance to these politicians when money is need for Americans.

They are despicable and shameless.

If spending federal money in support of disaster victims upsetting fiscal conservatives voters, they can go to hell. One more thing, there is no such thing as a fiscal conservatives in Washington.

September 10, 2005

Katrina Quotes, With Interpretations

Will Durst interprets Conservatives quotes about Katrina, what they said verses what they meant.

President Bush:
Who: President George Bush, 2 days before Hurricane Katrina made landfall.
What He Said: "A State of Emergency exists in Louisiana beginning yesterday."
What He Meant: "But since I'm still on vacation, I need to stage a few photo-ops strumming a guitar and playing golf first."

Who: President Bush.
What He Said: "We want to make sure that we can respond properly if there's a WMD attack or another major storm."
What He Meant: "It was Al Qaeda again."

Who: President Bush, Sept. 1, 2005.
What He Said: "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."
What He Meant: "I don't think anyone imagined people would fly airplanes into buildings."
Go read the rest of the quotes by Barbara Bush, Michael Chertoff, Rick Santorum, Dennis Hastert and their translation.
Who: President Bush.
What He Said: "I remember New Orleans as a great town where I used to enjoy myself — occasionally too much."
What He Meant: "I could use a drink."
Since Will Durst article was posted Conservatives are still making ridiculous comments, let me interpret a few of them.

Who: Tom DeLay.
What He Said: "Now tell me the truth boys, is this kind of fun?"
What He Meant: "Now tell me the truth little poor boys is coming to Texas and losing your home and family members kind of fun?”.

Who: Richard H. Baker.
What He Said: "we finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."
What He Meant: “We finally got all those N****** out of New Orleans, THANK YOU GOD!”

These quotes were made in pubic, image what they say behind close doors or at RNC headquarters. The true face of conservatism is showing it ugly face.

September 9, 2005

GOP Rep. Baker & GOD

Republican Rep. Baker of Baton Rouge.
"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."
Very Christian of him, thanking GOD for cleaning up publican housing. Which means getting all the poor and black people out.

Republicans are despicable.

Sen. Durbin to FEMA Brown: Step Down

Sen. Dick Durbin
"Mr. Brown was not prepared for this and, unfortunately, a lot of people suffered as a result of it," Durbin said in a telephone interview.

"I think it's time for Mr. Brown to step down. He does not have the background for this challenge and this is a historic challenge with this disaster," he said. "It's a shame because Jamie Lee Witt under President Clinton handled so many crises. I never heard a single word of complaint about the way he handled his job."
Mike Brown is a GOP activist who got fired from his job overseeing horse shows. Now, Time magazine is reporting Mr. Brown lie on this resume.

Think Progress has the list of lies of Mr. Brown.
BROWN CLAIM: Worked for the city of Edmond, OK from 1975 to 1978 “overseeing the emergence services division.”

FACT: Brown was actually an assistant to the city manager, says Edmond officials. “The assistant is more like an intern. Department heads did not report to him.” (One former city manager is kinder, allowing, “He was always on time. He always had on a suit and a starched white shirt.)

BROWN CLAIM: Director of the Oklahoma Christian Home nursing facility from 1983 to present.

FACT: The nursing home’s administrator told Time Magazine Brown was “not a person that anyone here is familiar with.”

BROWN CLAIM: “Outstanding Political Science Professor, Central State University”

FACT: According to a director of University Relations at the school, Brown “wasn’t a professor here, he was only a student here.”
It is time for Mr. Brown to step down. Check that, it is time for President Bush to admit his mistakes and step down, this fail leadership has had deadly results.

Update: Bye Bye Brownie

ABC News reports:
Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael Brown, under criticism due to his management of Hurricane Katrina as well as reported discrepancies on his resume, is expected to be out as head of the agency very soon, informed sources have told ABC News.
Go read the whole article.

Finally, someone in President Bush Administration get fired for doing a bad job. I am surprise he did not get a medal of Freedom.

September 8, 2005

Giuliani: Moderate No, Fool Yes

Republican Rudolph Giuliani endorses Republican Charlie Winburn for mayor of Cincinnati, Winburn calls Giuliani this hero.
Republican mayoral candidate Charlie Winburn has been promising to do for Cincinnati what former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani did for his city.

In a visit to Cincinnati on Wednesday, Giuliani said Winburn is the guy to do it.

"I'm really impressed with Mr. Winburn," Giuliani said. "We spoke about his crime plan. I read it over. I think he has a very good approach to how you make a city safer, and how you use that as a basis for economic development. It reminds me of the plans I had when I ran for mayor in '92 and '93."

Giuliani's endorsement of Winburn is just one out-of-state endorsement in the mayor's race.
No big news right, Giuliani is supporting Republican candidates all over the place. One problem, Charlie Winburn could not vote for his hero for political office.
“Politics is dirty because the true believers are not really involved in it," Winburn wrote in his 1989 book, "Ruling and Reigning in the '90s." "We Christians must clean up politics. It is our job to elect only born-again believers to public office. If office holders aren't Christian and refuse to obey the laws of God, we must work hard, under the law, to unseat them.” [..]

"I believe that every bit as much today as I did when I wrote it," Winburn said.
Giuliani is a fool, how can he support a Republican who would only vote for this kind of Christians?

(Hat Tip to Talking Points Memo)

Rudolph Giuliani refuses to criticize this pal President Bush.
Rudolph Giuliani, who guided New York City through the dark days after Sept. 11, said there is no place for second-guessing during an emergency, and he is not interested in criticizing the way government officials handled Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

The former mayor said before a speech Tuesday that it is too soon to draw any conclusions about whether the agencies that responded took too long or who was responsible. When the situation stabilizes, Giuliani said, the nation can examine the rescue efforts.
Who are you trying to fool, it is too soon to draw conclusions? Only people who are refusing to criticize President Bush are hardcore partisans. Rudolph Giuliani is a fool and not a moderate.

Giuliani has drank the kool-aid, there is not turning back now. Becoming a Republican hack might win him brownie points form the mainstream media, but it will not win him the Republican nomination in 2008. Republican base will not support a pro-choice and pro-Homosexual rights Candidate or is he going to flip flop? Giuliani is fooling himself he is think this record as major of NYC and this pro -Republican rhetoric will help him.

September 5, 2005

Illinois & State Of Hope

Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois announced Sunday at a South Side church in Chicago that Illinois is expected to house up to 10,000 displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina as part of its ongoing relief efforts. Blagojevich refuses to call Katrina Hurricane victims refugees.
The Quinn Chapel AME Church, where Martin Luther King Jr. once stood, symbolizes the challenge to help those in need, and Illinois will step up to the plate, Blagojevich told a cheering crowd.

"They're not refugees," Blagojevich said of the widely protested terminology to describe the victims. "They're Americans who need help, and it's about time."

Today, 1,000 people from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama will arrive in airports all over Illinois, joining the 500 survivors currently in the state, Blagojevich's spokesman Gerardo Cardenas said. About 2,500 survivors are expected by the end of the week, Cardenas said.
Indeed, they are Americans who need help. With the actions of the Governor and its people Illinois will become a state of hope to Americans affected by Katrina, according to Senate President Emil Jones.
"Governor, your actions will turn the state of Illinois into the state of hope," state Senate President Emil Jones said.

It may be that officials will have to find jobs for the displaced, but Blagojevich said his first priority is to get the needy food and shelter. He didn't know how much Illinois' efforts have cost so far.

"When your house is on fire, you don't ask yourself, 'What's it's going to cost to rebuild a house?' You first try to put the fire out," the governor said.
While GOP politicians main concern is repealing the estate tax for the extremely wealthy, Gov. Blagojevich brings some common sense to the relief effort.

When your house is on fire, you don't ask yourself, 'What's it's going to cost to rebuild a house?' You first try to put the fire out.

Federal Government efforts should be focus on Gulf Coast and on Americans survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

September 4, 2005

Last Example Of The Failure of President Bush Leadership

Chicago Tribune reports: Navy ship nearby underused.
While federal and state emergency planners scramble to get more military relief to Gulf Coast communities stricken by Hurricane Katrina, a massive naval goodwill station has been cruising offshore, underused and waiting for a larger role in the effort.

The USS Bataan, a 844-foot ship designed to dispatch Marines in amphibious assaults, has helicopters, doctors, hospital beds, food and water. It also can make its own water, up to 100,000 gallons a day. And it just happened to be in the Gulf of Mexico when Katrina came roaring ashore.

The Bataan rode out the storm and then followed it toward shore, awaiting relief orders. Helicopter pilots flying from its deck were some of the first to begin plucking stranded New Orleans residents.

But now the Bataan's hospital facilities, including six operating rooms and beds for 600 patients, are empty. A good share of its 1,200 sailors could also go ashore to help with the relief effort, but they haven't been asked. The Bataan has been in the stricken region the longest of any military unit, but federal authorities have yet to fully utilize the ship.
This is a disgrace, a naval ship ready and willing to help out and save lives was not order to duty in New Orleans after the Katrina hit.
Captain ready, waiting

"Could we do more?" said Capt. Nora Tyson, commander of the Bataan. "Sure. I've got sailors who could be on the beach plucking through garbage or distributing water and food and stuff. But I can't force myself on people.

"We're doing everything we can to contribute right now, and we're ready. If someone says you need to take on people, we're ready. If they say hospitals on the beach can't handle it ... if they need to send the overflow out here, we're ready. We've got lots of room." [..]

"It was a disappointment," Fish said. "I figured we would be a big help in New Orleans. We've got electricity, and the police could have charged up their radios. We've got water, toilets. We've got food."

Now sailing within 25 miles of Gulfport, Miss., the Bataan has become a floating warehouse. Supplies from Texas and Florida are ferried out to the ship, and the helicopters distribute them where Federal Emergency Management Agency personnel say they are needed.

The Bataan has also taken on a substantial medical staff. Helicopters ferried 84 doctors, nurses and technicians 60 miles out to the ship from the Pensacola Naval Air Station on Friday, and on Saturday afternoon 24 of the medical personnel were flown to the New Orleans Convention Center where they expected to augment the staff of an Air Force medical clinic on the center's bus parking lot. The medical staff had come from Jacksonville, Fla., Naval Hospital, and they covered a wide swath of medical specialties from surgeons and pediatricians to heart specialists, a psychiatrist and even a physical therapist.

"It's really a cross section of a major hospital," said Capt. Kevin Gallagher, a Navy nurse who was part of the group. "We haven't been told what to expect, but we're going to find out once we get out there." [..]

The role in the relief effort of the sizable medical staff on board the Bataan was not up to the Navy, but to FEMA officials directing the overall effort.
FEMA chief Mike Brown should be fired on national television, but the President Bush thinks, Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job. Once again, this is a tragic story. This should have never has happen in American. The failure of leadership at times of crisis leads to deaths. Elections do matter, the election of President Bush has deadly results.

Nobody's Coming To Get Us

Aaron Broussard, the president of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans, tells a personal story on Meet the Press.
I want to give you one last story and I’ll shut up and let you tell me whatever you want to tell me. The guy who runs this building I’m in, Emergency Management, he’s responsible for everything. His mother was trapped in St. Bernard nursing home and every day she called him and said, “Are you coming, son? Is somebody coming?” and he said, “Yeah, Mama, somebody’s coming to get you.” Somebody’s coming to get you on Tuesday. Somebody’s coming to get you on Wednesday. Somebody’s coming to get you on Thursday. Somebody’s coming to get you on Friday… and she drowned Friday night. She drowned Friday night! [Sobbing] Nobody’s coming to get us. Nobody’s coming to get us…
Tragic story. This should have never has happen in American. The failure of leadership at times of crisis leads to deaths. Elections do matter, the election of President Bush has deadly results.


Help for the Victims of Katrina.

Stupidity & Race

No, this post is not about stupidity of President Bush and this failure as President. It is about the stupidity of others and their dealing with ‘ethnic’ people.

An African-American women get charge 25 dollars more for an hair cut.
A Chicago woman has sued the spa and salon company Mario Tricoci, saying she was charged $25 more for an "ethnic women's haircut."

Kimberly Williams-Ellis, who is African-American, filed suit Thursday in federal court.

The suit said she received a haircut, wash and blow-dry at an Oak Brook salon April 7. But instead of paying the $40 list price, Williams-Ellis alleges she was charged $65.

The reason for the higher price was reflected on her receipt, which noted she was charged for an "ethnic" cut, the suit said.
This is completely wrong, if you are going to charge two different prices for hair cuts state it upfront. Do not list one price then add on an ’ethnic’ charge after. The Mario Tricoci website states it cost 65 dollars for an ‘special occasion/updo’, I guess they think it only time a African-Americans get an hair cut in their salon it is only for an special occasions. Pure stupidity on the part of Mario Tricoci salon.

An African-American alderman in the northwest side of Chicago thinks problem of rats is the fault in Hispanics in this 37th Ward.
A Northwest Side alderman is under fire for a memo she issued that blamed "an enormous amount of Latinos residing in the 37th Ward" for an increased amount of trash and rodents in the ward.

Ald. Emma Mitts apologized Friday for the statement contained in an Aug. 12 letter asking Streets and Sanitation for more garbage pickup in the area of Fullerton and Laramie streets.

"We made a mistake. We're sorry about it. My heart meant good, no matter what spin they put on it," Mitts said.

At issue in the memo is a portion that reads: "Due to an enormous amount of Latinos residing in the 37th Ward, including many families living in the same household, the amount of garbage and rodents have increased immensely."

Mitts said a member of her staff wrote the "offensive" memo, and she signed it without reading it thoroughly. Mitts said she takes responsibility for the note.
Pure stupidity on the part of the Emma Mitts and her staff. How many politicians never read what they sign? The problem of garbage and rodents is not cause by an ‘ethnic’ race it is the cause by lack of garbage pick up and other factors.

Race relations has to overcome the stupidity of people. The two stories are examples of the long road we as Americans still have to travel.

September 2, 2005

Bill Clinton on Hastert: "I'm afraid I would have assaulted him."

The top Republican in the House and my congressman J. Dennis Hastert was AWOL during vote when Congress approved a $10.5 billion measure to provide relief to the disaster victims.
He hadn't planned to return at all even as Congress approved a $10.5 billion measure to provide relief to the disaster victims. And he didn't make it back in time to participate in the floor debate.

But faced with angry complaints from Louisiana politicians, Hastert came back to sign the bill before sending it to the White House for President Bush's signature.
He had more important things to do, like fundraise for Republican Rep. Mark Souder in Indiana.
Hastert had spent the day at a fundraiser for Republican Rep. Mark Souder in Indiana and at a car show where he sold his 1970s vintage Lincoln Mark II Continental, which went for about $50,000, an aide said. The speaker told reporters he would contribute the money to relief efforts.
That a start, donating Souder money. But, I have a better idea. How about funding Homeland Security to help disaster victims rather passing more taxes cuts.

If President Clinton was close to Dennis Hastert during this anti-New Orleans remarks, a fight would have broke out.
In Syracuse, N.Y., former president Bill Clinton was discussing New Orleans's dilemma when someone described the speaker's comments. Had they been in the same place when the remarks were made, Clinton said, "I'm afraid I would have assaulted him."

GOP Priorities

Permanently repealing the estate tax.

In a time when our leaders should be asking for shared national sacrifice, the GOP is going to vote to cut taxes for the most well off Americans. These people are shameless.

September 1, 2005

Sen. Bayh & Bipartisan Tradition of Senate

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana the home state Senator of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has agreed to appear with Roberts when confirmation hearings begin on September 6, 2005, along with Senator John Warner Republican of Virginia.
Supreme Court nominee John Roberts will be introduced to the Senate Judiciary Committee next week by a centrist Democrat and a veteran Republican, an important symbolic boost for his confirmation prospects.

Sen. Evan Bayh, a Democrat who represents Roberts' home state of Indiana, and Sen. John Warner, a Virginia Republican, have agreed to appear with him when confirmation hearings begin Tuesday.
The appearance of home state Senator at the beginning of confirmation hearings is part of a long-standing, bipartisan tradition of the Senate. Senator Evan Bayh was ask to appear by Roberts.
"Judge Roberts called me (Wednesday) and asked me if I would do (introduce Roberts at next week's confirmation hearings) and of course as a matter of courtesy I agreed to do that. He lived in our state from the time he was eight until the time he was 18. He considers Indiana to be where he was raised. So I told him I'd be pleased to do that. Like many of my colleagues I'm interested in what he has to say. And we won't know that until he's asked and answers the questions. [..]

But of course when he called me and asked me if I'd introduce him as a courtesy, I said ‘absolutely.' As a matter of fact, my first reaction was, we've had too much incivility in Washington. Too much fussing and fighting. And if I'm asked to help try and correct some of that, I'm happy to try and do that. But it does not suggest how I'm going to vote."
The Senator has not made up this mind, he is waiting to hear Judge Roberts answers to the questions during the confirmation hearings, but appearing with Judge Roberts is a political mistake for a candidate running for President as a Democrat.

Bob Brigham of Swing State Project:
Here's the thing, if Roberts is confirmed, he'll have two full years before the presidential race really heats up. Every bad decision John Roberts makes is going to be blamed on Evan Bayh. During that time, the blogosphere will double or triple in participation, so people will know about it. During that same period, the DLC will continue to lose relevance. Bayh's classic-DLC maneuver of providing bi-partisan cover for Bush does not inspire confidence in Bayh's decision making ability.
Indeed, the Senator decision making ability does not inspire confidence. The grassroots is tried of D.C Democrats giving bipartisan cover for President Bush and the GOP. This appearance might win him MSM brownie points, but will not win him any support of Democratic voters looking for a leader who will stand up for our values. The Senator has a vote, he should vote NAY on Judge Roberts.

Governor Sends Illinois National Guard to Louisiana

Illinois soldiers, military vehicles and medical emergency response teams are heading down to Louisiana for relief effort.
The Illinois National Guard will send 300 soldiers and up to 50 military vehicles to Louisiana to assist with the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, Gov. Rod Blagojevich's office announced Wednesday.

The large military cargo trucks can drive through several feet of water, making them suitable for cleaning up debris and transporting supplies, officials said.

The trucks will be accompanied by about 200 members of the Springfield-based 367th Maintenance Company, plus drivers and command staff. The group will leave Friday morning, a day after the 10-member Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team is expected to depart.
College students unable to attend schools during the relief efforts are welcome to attend community colleges in Illinois.
Meanwhile, students from Illinois enrolled in colleges in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama shuttered because of the hurricane will be able to attend community colleges in Illinois.

"Many of them can't afford to lose a semester on their way to a college degree," Blagojevich said. "We need the community colleges of Illinois to help them to continue their studies uninterrupted."

Whether the students have to pay tuition or fees will be decided on a case-to-case basis by each school, said Blagojevich spokesman Gerardo Cardenas.
If you can please donate to the Red Cross, my prayers are with the people of Louisiana and Mississippi and the groups who are helping with the relief efforts.

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