September 19, 2005

Rep. Don Young wants some Credit

Rep. Don Young get pass over for the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee in favor of Rep. Peter King. Now, he is crying over not getting credit for raising money for Red Cross
One of the political journals covering Capitol Hill published a story suggesting Young's chances to become Homeland Security chairman were dashed because he returned from the August recess late, missing the first week of Congress' struggle to respond to hurricane Katrina.

Young said he was absent because he was participating in a Katrina fundraiser in Roslyn, Wash.

"I wasn't going to fly back here and then fly back up. No way," Young said.

He said the event raked in $550,000 for the Red Cross.

"I raised more money (for Katrina victims) as an individual than any other member of this Congress," Young said. "And have I gotten credit for it? No. They want to write some snide little ... remark in the doggone paper."
Oh, you only raised money for Katrina victims to get credit not to help your fellow Americans. Just like a Republican, always asking what do I get out of it. Rep. Don Young is shameless.


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