September 12, 2005

President Bush Is Out Of Touch

AP reports: Embattled FEMA Director Mike Brown Resigns
Federal Emergency Management Agency director Mike Brown said Monday he has resigned "in the best interest of the agency and best interest of the president," three days after losing his onsite command of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.
President Bush is out of touch with American people. Now, President Bush is even out of touch with this own administration.
“Maybe you know something I don’t know.”

That was President Bush’s reponse to a reporter who asked whether he had heard that his own FEMA director, Michael Brown, resigned today from the administration.
Think Progress gives us the second example of President Bush not knowing what is going on inside his own government.

This is now a well known pattern of failed leadership and a complete disregard of running an effective government for the American people by President Bush. Not knowing if the FEMA chief no longer works for you is inexcusable. What will it take for this political base and media supporters to stop making excuses for him?


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