September 14, 2005

Willie Nelson, Barack Obama & Farm Aid

Willie Nelson is taking Senator Barack Obama on the road towards Farm Aid.
Barack Obama may be no great lover of country music, but when Willie Nelson calls to ask a favor, how can you say no?

The junior senator from Illinois is scheduled to appear at Farm Aid's 20th anniversary concert Sunday at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park. He joins a lineup that includes Nelson, Kenny Chesney and Neil Young.

Obama, though, is expected to be the only politician on stage.
Along with supporting family farms Farm Aid is also going to help Katrina survivors.
On Thursday, Farm Aid co-founders Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp hosted a teleconference to explain how their organization (also led by rockers Neil Young and Dave Matthews) is helping victims of Hurricane Katrina -- targeting those who need help outside of the cities.

Days after the Gulf Coast was battered by the storm, Farm Aid activated its Family Farm Disaster Fund to encourage donations to devastated farm families along the coast.
This is the 20th anniversary of Farm Aid, it returns back to where is started at Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, Illinois. The money raised is used for help hot line.
The largest chunk of the money raised is used to operate a hot line for family farmers. In addition to providing guidance for financial problems, hot line staffers offer new strategies to stay on their land.

Family farmers near urban areas are encouraged to make deals to sell their food directly to local restaurants. They can also learn through Farm Aid and other organizations how to modify their farming operations to begin producing certified organic food that can be sold at a premium.
If you want more info visit Farm Aid website.
The mission of Farm Aid is to keep family farmers on their land. Family farmers are our only guarantee for fresh, local food. Our goal is to bring together family farmers and citizens to restore family farm-centered agriculture. Family farmers ensure safe, healthful food, protect natural resources, and strengthen local economies.
It is a worthy and goal to help family farmers to keep their land and strengthen American economies for all.


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