September 10, 2005

Katrina Quotes, With Interpretations

Will Durst interprets Conservatives quotes about Katrina, what they said verses what they meant.

President Bush:
Who: President George Bush, 2 days before Hurricane Katrina made landfall.
What He Said: "A State of Emergency exists in Louisiana beginning yesterday."
What He Meant: "But since I'm still on vacation, I need to stage a few photo-ops strumming a guitar and playing golf first."

Who: President Bush.
What He Said: "We want to make sure that we can respond properly if there's a WMD attack or another major storm."
What He Meant: "It was Al Qaeda again."

Who: President Bush, Sept. 1, 2005.
What He Said: "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."
What He Meant: "I don't think anyone imagined people would fly airplanes into buildings."
Go read the rest of the quotes by Barbara Bush, Michael Chertoff, Rick Santorum, Dennis Hastert and their translation.
Who: President Bush.
What He Said: "I remember New Orleans as a great town where I used to enjoy myself — occasionally too much."
What He Meant: "I could use a drink."
Since Will Durst article was posted Conservatives are still making ridiculous comments, let me interpret a few of them.

Who: Tom DeLay.
What He Said: "Now tell me the truth boys, is this kind of fun?"
What He Meant: "Now tell me the truth little poor boys is coming to Texas and losing your home and family members kind of fun?”.

Who: Richard H. Baker.
What He Said: "we finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."
What He Meant: “We finally got all those N****** out of New Orleans, THANK YOU GOD!”

These quotes were made in pubic, image what they say behind close doors or at RNC headquarters. The true face of conservatism is showing it ugly face.


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