September 1, 2005

Sen. Bayh & Bipartisan Tradition of Senate

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana the home state Senator of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has agreed to appear with Roberts when confirmation hearings begin on September 6, 2005, along with Senator John Warner Republican of Virginia.
Supreme Court nominee John Roberts will be introduced to the Senate Judiciary Committee next week by a centrist Democrat and a veteran Republican, an important symbolic boost for his confirmation prospects.

Sen. Evan Bayh, a Democrat who represents Roberts' home state of Indiana, and Sen. John Warner, a Virginia Republican, have agreed to appear with him when confirmation hearings begin Tuesday.
The appearance of home state Senator at the beginning of confirmation hearings is part of a long-standing, bipartisan tradition of the Senate. Senator Evan Bayh was ask to appear by Roberts.
"Judge Roberts called me (Wednesday) and asked me if I would do (introduce Roberts at next week's confirmation hearings) and of course as a matter of courtesy I agreed to do that. He lived in our state from the time he was eight until the time he was 18. He considers Indiana to be where he was raised. So I told him I'd be pleased to do that. Like many of my colleagues I'm interested in what he has to say. And we won't know that until he's asked and answers the questions. [..]

But of course when he called me and asked me if I'd introduce him as a courtesy, I said ‘absolutely.' As a matter of fact, my first reaction was, we've had too much incivility in Washington. Too much fussing and fighting. And if I'm asked to help try and correct some of that, I'm happy to try and do that. But it does not suggest how I'm going to vote."
The Senator has not made up this mind, he is waiting to hear Judge Roberts answers to the questions during the confirmation hearings, but appearing with Judge Roberts is a political mistake for a candidate running for President as a Democrat.

Bob Brigham of Swing State Project:
Here's the thing, if Roberts is confirmed, he'll have two full years before the presidential race really heats up. Every bad decision John Roberts makes is going to be blamed on Evan Bayh. During that time, the blogosphere will double or triple in participation, so people will know about it. During that same period, the DLC will continue to lose relevance. Bayh's classic-DLC maneuver of providing bi-partisan cover for Bush does not inspire confidence in Bayh's decision making ability.
Indeed, the Senator decision making ability does not inspire confidence. The grassroots is tried of D.C Democrats giving bipartisan cover for President Bush and the GOP. This appearance might win him MSM brownie points, but will not win him any support of Democratic voters looking for a leader who will stand up for our values. The Senator has a vote, he should vote NAY on Judge Roberts.


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