September 15, 2005

STFU, Joe Lieberman

Thomas Schaller over at the Gadflyer.
I've never been much of a fan of Joe Lieberman. It's not just that he has given the Republicans and Bush safe harbor for their policies, or that he's too corporate in his sensibilities as the Insurance State's senator. Or that he was backed by Bill Buckley and his cohorts during his first Senate run. Oh, and yeah, I am still pissed that Lieberman went soft on Al Gore during the Florida recount.

But what most angers me most about Lieberman is his sanctimonious attitude. I don't begrudge a guy his faith, or how he practices it. But Lieberman seems quick to lecture everyone else and slow to tolerate lectures from others. His whining voice just grates on me. He loves to lament in his whimpering, boy-it-pains-me-to-criticize-but-I-feel-I-just-have-to-say-this manner that oozes from his pores. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
I agree.


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