September 4, 2005

Stupidity & Race

No, this post is not about stupidity of President Bush and this failure as President. It is about the stupidity of others and their dealing with ‘ethnic’ people.

An African-American women get charge 25 dollars more for an hair cut.
A Chicago woman has sued the spa and salon company Mario Tricoci, saying she was charged $25 more for an "ethnic women's haircut."

Kimberly Williams-Ellis, who is African-American, filed suit Thursday in federal court.

The suit said she received a haircut, wash and blow-dry at an Oak Brook salon April 7. But instead of paying the $40 list price, Williams-Ellis alleges she was charged $65.

The reason for the higher price was reflected on her receipt, which noted she was charged for an "ethnic" cut, the suit said.
This is completely wrong, if you are going to charge two different prices for hair cuts state it upfront. Do not list one price then add on an ’ethnic’ charge after. The Mario Tricoci website states it cost 65 dollars for an ‘special occasion/updo’, I guess they think it only time a African-Americans get an hair cut in their salon it is only for an special occasions. Pure stupidity on the part of Mario Tricoci salon.

An African-American alderman in the northwest side of Chicago thinks problem of rats is the fault in Hispanics in this 37th Ward.
A Northwest Side alderman is under fire for a memo she issued that blamed "an enormous amount of Latinos residing in the 37th Ward" for an increased amount of trash and rodents in the ward.

Ald. Emma Mitts apologized Friday for the statement contained in an Aug. 12 letter asking Streets and Sanitation for more garbage pickup in the area of Fullerton and Laramie streets.

"We made a mistake. We're sorry about it. My heart meant good, no matter what spin they put on it," Mitts said.

At issue in the memo is a portion that reads: "Due to an enormous amount of Latinos residing in the 37th Ward, including many families living in the same household, the amount of garbage and rodents have increased immensely."

Mitts said a member of her staff wrote the "offensive" memo, and she signed it without reading it thoroughly. Mitts said she takes responsibility for the note.
Pure stupidity on the part of the Emma Mitts and her staff. How many politicians never read what they sign? The problem of garbage and rodents is not cause by an ‘ethnic’ race it is the cause by lack of garbage pick up and other factors.

Race relations has to overcome the stupidity of people. The two stories are examples of the long road we as Americans still have to travel.


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