September 9, 2005

Sen. Durbin to FEMA Brown: Step Down

Sen. Dick Durbin
"Mr. Brown was not prepared for this and, unfortunately, a lot of people suffered as a result of it," Durbin said in a telephone interview.

"I think it's time for Mr. Brown to step down. He does not have the background for this challenge and this is a historic challenge with this disaster," he said. "It's a shame because Jamie Lee Witt under President Clinton handled so many crises. I never heard a single word of complaint about the way he handled his job."
Mike Brown is a GOP activist who got fired from his job overseeing horse shows. Now, Time magazine is reporting Mr. Brown lie on this resume.

Think Progress has the list of lies of Mr. Brown.
BROWN CLAIM: Worked for the city of Edmond, OK from 1975 to 1978 “overseeing the emergence services division.”

FACT: Brown was actually an assistant to the city manager, says Edmond officials. “The assistant is more like an intern. Department heads did not report to him.” (One former city manager is kinder, allowing, “He was always on time. He always had on a suit and a starched white shirt.)

BROWN CLAIM: Director of the Oklahoma Christian Home nursing facility from 1983 to present.

FACT: The nursing home’s administrator told Time Magazine Brown was “not a person that anyone here is familiar with.”

BROWN CLAIM: “Outstanding Political Science Professor, Central State University”

FACT: According to a director of University Relations at the school, Brown “wasn’t a professor here, he was only a student here.”
It is time for Mr. Brown to step down. Check that, it is time for President Bush to admit his mistakes and step down, this fail leadership has had deadly results.

Update: Bye Bye Brownie

ABC News reports:
Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael Brown, under criticism due to his management of Hurricane Katrina as well as reported discrepancies on his resume, is expected to be out as head of the agency very soon, informed sources have told ABC News.
Go read the whole article.

Finally, someone in President Bush Administration get fired for doing a bad job. I am surprise he did not get a medal of Freedom.


At September 09, 2005 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have thought for a long time that Bush shoud be impeached. Now should be the time


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