September 14, 2005

VP Dick Cheney: I came back four days early

Dick Cheney
When asked by a reporter why he did not return from his vacation earlier than last Thursday, three days after the hurricane hit, the vice president replied: "I came back four days early."
What was so important for Dick Cheney to stay on vacation for three days after the Hurricane hit, he was mansion shopping.
The vice president has at long last lumbered back from a Wyoming vacation, and, reportedly, from shopping for a $2.9 million waterfront estate in St. Michael's, a retreat in the Chesapeake Bay where Rummy has a weekend home, where "Wedding Crashers" was filmed and where rich lobbyists hunt.
Elitists! Mansion shopping while people were dying do to your Administration failures. Dick Cheney you are a 3 days late and a 3 dollasr short.



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