October 28, 2008

Mitt Romney: Obama Presidency 'Very Real Possibility'

Add Mitt Romney to the long list of Republicans who think GOP presidential candidate Jon McCain is going to lose. In a fundraising email for Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney predicts a victory for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is imminent.
His opponent was handpicked by Chuck Schumer and will be a reliable vote for the Democrats. And as we face the very real possibility of an Obama presidency, that's the last thing we need.

It's more critical than ever that we have a strong Republican leader to act as a "firewall" against bad legislation, tax increases, and increased spending.
The NRSC is once again echoing Mitt Romney's statement with an ad for Republican Senator Gordon Smith. While the NRSC and Mitt Romney are trying to scare people into voting for GOP senate candidates, John McCain is trying to scare people to vote for him because GOP senate candidates are going to lose.
"Republicans launch new campaign theme: All the rest of us are gonna lose, so elect me."


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