July 28, 2005

Unreformed Democrats: 15 Democrat Sellouts On CAFTA Has To Go!

The 15 Democratic sellouts were:
Melissa Bean (IL)
Jim Cooper (TN)
Henry Cuellar (TX)
Norm Dicks (WA)
Ruben Hinojosa (TX)
William Jefferson (LA)
Jim Matheson (UT)
Greg Meeks (NY)
Dennis Moore (KS)
Jim Moran (VA)
Solomon Ortiz (TX)
Ike Skelton (MO)
Vic Snyder (AR)
John Tanner (TN)
Ed Towns (NY)
David Sirota
Let's be clear - all of these people should never get a red cent from labor unions or the progressive community again, and that goes even for the ones who represent marginal districts. The idea that this was a "tough vote" for a Democrat who represents a swing district doesn't hold water - no one is getting voted out of office over voting against CAFTA, and voting for American workers. Remember, polls show that Americans are sick and tired of Congress passing these corporate-written "free" trade deals that sell out ordinary workers.[..]

To sum up - each of these 15 Democrats ought to pay a price at the polls for their brazen sell out tonight on CAFTA. They undermined their party and America's workers. And the 9 Democrats of these 15 that have been consistently stabbing the Democratic Party in the back - well, they have shown an unfathomable willingness to disregard anything other than corporate campaign cash. They are the reason why Americans are so cynical about the political process, why Democrats can't win key states like Ohio, and, in general, why Democrats are currently in permanent minority status.
It is time for a leaner, faster, and tougher Democratic party. The fat, slow and the weak within the Democratic party needs to go. Those 15 Democrats are the represent the fat of the Democratic party, they are willing to sellout the Democratic party and America's middle class over and over. They are satisfied being in the minority in congress and under Republican control.

We might have to lose some seat in congress to become a leaner, faster, and tougher party but in the long run we will have a message that the Democratic party that stands up for ordinary working people in this country. We need to offer a clear message, those Democrats who constantly undermined working American will have a price to pay. Those Democrats are the reason GOP and the media say Democratic Party stand for nothing. In the long run, a leaner, faster, and tougher Democratic party will win the White House and regain the majorities in Congress. In till then, we need to shape up and cut the fat out.


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