July 26, 2005

Democratic Leadership Council has small ...

... di*cks.

After an in-depth analysis I finally figured it out, DLC has small di*cks. Yes, I said it.

The DLC needs to prove they are just as tough as the GOP. So, they pack there pants with rolled up socks, examples : Will Marshall, Al From & Bruce Reed.

Marshall, From and Reed are only making fool out of themselves, they reinforces right-wing stereotypes and repeat GOP talking points.

Why does the DLC has small di*cks?
Larry Johnson, professional spook, lifelong Republican, was just smeared in the Weekly Standard.

Paul Hackett, lawyer, Marine Reservist, Iraq War vet, was just smeared today, accused of lying about his military record.

So what are we supposed to do, imitate that little coward Peter Beinart and be PNAC's bitch?

I think not.

We are talking about the President's closest aide being indicted for harming the security of the United States.

The DLC is a collection of losers and most of what they say should be ignored.

A drunk monkey could make a mockery of the GOP's claims to any sort of stewardship on National Security, if the argument is framed right. From failure in Iraq to underfunding security at home, to Tora Bora, the GOP has failed this country and those who serve her. But the Vichyite Marshall doesn't get it. He thinks we have to continue the GOP's failed policies. Iraq is a tactical nightmare and a strategic sinkhole. We have no reason to further the GOP's misguided policies there or come up with a solution.

We need new, effective policies and to stop playing the GOP's game of letting them define patriotism. They think it's a code word for big dick, and losers like Marshall want to play along. It's time to cut the shit and tell the truth, the GOP's war is a failure and we need new approaches. Not in the dick stuffed mouth mumbling way he advocates, but honestly and forthrightly.

National Service? Does he mean sending the poor to be crippled in Iraq? Does he mean that?

Well, we know that's bullshit. Because the liberal warhawks and Young Republicans agree on one thing: Iraq is for white trash, niggers and Mexkins, not us. They get pissed when you ask them to serve. And the poor also say "I'd rather work in Wal Mart. No one blows up an IED next to the Sam's Clubs sodas"

The shit coming from Marshall could fill a septic tank. Democrats are not "more dovish", we're just against getting Americans and Iraqis killed for no good fucking reason. 1700+ dead and Iraq is sliding into anarchy. We'd also like to see Osama Bin Laden caught. As in on trial. Or shot in the head eight times. Whatever works. But now since's had four years, Al Qaeda is now a franchise like Subway. Be batshit crazy enough and you can join AQ.

You want a coherent statement on force, here it is: let's work with out allies to stop our real enemies, not to feed Bush's ego, and like everything else in his life, have it turn to shit before his eyes.
The DLC is enemy within the Democratic party, they are happy being in the minority and bashing democrats. I am all for a big tent party, but the DLC is useless.


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