July 24, 2005

Political Machine of Mayor Daley

Chicago Tribune reports:
More than 1,200 city workers--most in jobs that are supposed to be free from political influence--belong to a select few groups that have supported Mayor Richard Daley, a Tribune investigation has found.

And most of those employees get their paychecks from City Hall departments targeted in a federal investigation of hiring. [..]

Nearly four out of every 10 people who register voters for the pro-Daley groups have city jobs, according to the Tribune's analysis. [..]

The Tribune compared city payroll records with rosters for political groups that register voters. The analysis suggests extensive connections between city jobs and the mayor's political operation, a finding consistent with federal prosecutors' allegations that Daley administration officials rewarded campaign supporters with jobs and promotions.

More than 11,000 people are listed as election registrars for 218 Chicago civic organizations. About 2,200 of those individuals are city employees, yet seven pro-Daley groups account for more than 1,200 of the jobs.
Politics as usual in Chicago, Mayor Daley supporters on the city pay roll. Now, Mayor Daley wants an independent commission to handle hiring and promotions.
Mayor Daley made it official Thursday. He plans to take most city hiring decisions out of City Hall. The mayor says that is the only way to protect city employees and aldermen from facing constant questions about why people were hired and to protect them from possible criminal charges. [..]

He wants an independent commission, insulated from political interference, to handle hiring and promotions instead of his own administration.
Huh? Instead of this own administration!
As a result, Daley is proposing a new public service commission, located outside of City Hall, to manage the hiring and promotion of 37,000 employees who aren't in management. The mayor and the alderman would appoint the commission members, but there would be clear rules aimed at insulating them from political interference.
Let me get this straight, Delay can not trust his own administration to hire people for city jobs. But, he want to create an independent commission appointed by himself and aldermen (who are politicians) which will lead to insulating hiring decision from political interference.

This is like a Fox appointing an other Fox to guard the henhouse.

I had an idea, A new administration in 2007 for Chicago. It is time for Delay to step down.


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