July 25, 2005

FL Sen: NRSC Smear Campaign Against Bill Nelson, Obama

The gutter politics of the GOP continues, Senator Bill Nelson is being attacked for appearing with Senator Barack Obama in Eatonville, Fl by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
Nelson was caught off guard when told a Republican group was questioning whether he would be easy on sexual predators simply because he appeared with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in a historically black community of Eatonville, Fla.

After the appearance, the National Republican Senatorial Committee posted items on its Web site asking "Nelson Campaigns With Obama -- Does He Agree With Obama's Record Of Lenience On Sexual Predators?" The site then listed votes Obama made as a state senator on such issues as sex offenders, pornography and adult businesses near schools.
If you must, you can read the NRSC hit piece on Senator Obama and Nelson.

The GOP is running scared in Florida, first they want push Katherine Harris out of the Senate race and now they rushing out attacks against Nelson 16 months before the election. Senator Bill Nelson is right, it is going to get ugly.
Sen. Bill Nelson predicted Republican attempts to oust him would get ugly as he sought re-election next year.
GOP has no shame, as they support, praise, and make excuse for treason and torture they smear Senator Obama as soft on sex offenders. I am disgusted.

It is time for the Democratic Party to step up against the smear tactics of the GOP. The NRSC attacks on Obama are lies, but the truth is ...

GOP is soft on Terrorism!
GOP is soft on Treason!
GOP is soft on Torture!
GOP is soft on Sex Offenders!


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