July 22, 2005

Democratic Leadership Council & Vital Center

The Democratic Leadership Council is meeting this weekend in Columbus, Ohio.
The DLC National Conversation is a one-of-a-kind forum for governors and other statewide elected officials, legislators, mayors, county executives, council members, business leaders, and citizen activists to come together on a national platform to compare notes and brainstorm innovative strategies for governing in their states and communities.
I have written before, the DLC is no friend of mine or to liberals Democrats.

David Sirota
The DLC also tells the Monitor that "If Democrats are smart, they also will avoid copying Rove's strategy of polarization, using controversial issues to whip up support from a loyal base of voters." How, may I ask, is that "smart?" Last I checked, Karl Rove has won almost every political campaign he's been involved in with that strategy, and now Republicans dominate every branch of government. How is it "smart" not to take some tactical lessons from him? I'm not saying we take our ethics lessons from Rove - but to say that he hasn't been politically successful in winning elections is beyond tone deaf: it's just plain stupid.

Maybe if I put it in corporate terms that the DLCers could understand, it would be more clear. Going to places like Ohio to tell Democrats to continue pushing the DLC's corporate "free" trade policies would be like being the guy who ran a company into the ground, showing up to give a presentation to the company's board, and telling the board that the company should keep doing exactly what its been doing, even it if means complete bankruptcy. The fact is, if you did that, you'd be fired. But in Democratic Party politics, these people aren't fired - they are venerated, as if they have the keys to success. And then we wonder why Democrats continue to lose, and lose, and lose, and lose. What's really amazing is that these professional election losers still can spew their drivel with a straight face.

DLC CEO Al From told the Monitor that there is "a lot of concerns in this country about the way Washington is run and about the arrogance of power in Washington." The same could be said about how the Democratic Party is still influenced by From and his corporate cronies, and about the arrogance of the DLC's corporate-cash power that continues to try to drive the Democratic Party into the ground.
Democrats have a choice to make -- stand with the DLC, or stand with the grassroots and netroots of the party. It's interesting that Democrats with a strong sense of self -- those who truly know what they stand for and are unafraid to say so -- are those least interested in the DLC's snake oil. Obama twice had to demand the DLC take him off their list. California's Phil Angelides -- the next governor of the Golden State given Ahnold's spectacular collapse -- also demanded to be taken off their list. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, who's anti-war floor speech made the internet rounds last year, also demanded to be taken off their list. Western Democrats in Montana -- blood red territory -- have shown no interest in cozying up with the DLC.

It's those Democrats who are afraid of who or what they stand for that seem most drawn to the DLC. It's a shame that Hillary has thrown in with that lot, but it's clear that she's looking for the perfect positioning. She's not confident she can win on who she is and what she stands for, so she's what, looking for cover to the charges that she's "too liberal"? Is she looking to the DLC to help define that "vital center"? [...]

Keep chasing the "vital center", and you'll prevent the Democratic Party from standing for core principles. The GOP polls to find the best ways to sell their agenda, the Democratic Party polls to find that "vital center", and then demands its politicians chase after those popular positions.

Yet time and time again, the public rewards those with convictions (Feingold, anyone?), and punishes those who wanter the political landscape aimlessly, with no moral compass or overarching core philosophy.

The netroots and grassroots both get it. The DLC doesn't. Instead of working as a team, they want to divide. They want to excommunicate certain Democrats from the party. They are as bad as the single-issue groups they love to decry. They are the enemy within. And Democrats that associate with them are telegraphing who they stand with.
Amen, DLC is the enemy within. I rather lose with my liberal principals intact than selling out to the DLC and their corporate donors to reach the so called vital center. The only center the DLC know is between themselves and the GOP as they both get fat off of big business while working classes get poorer and the richer get richer.

Yes, it is class warfare. I am not afraid to say it and the elites are winning hand down. The DLC is preaching the same economy policies of the GOP which has shown to only make their corporate donors wealthier.

The DLC is only for the beltway press, elites and weak at the knees Democratic politicians. At one time the DLC had a purpose, but now it is useless. The only people who would like the DLC to become more of a factor in Democratic politics is the GOP.


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