July 21, 2005

Schwarzenegger Can't Govern!

Arnold new poll numbers are out.
Overall, do you approve or disapprove of the way that Arnold Schwarzenegger is handling his job as governor of California?"

Approve 34 (40)
Disapprove 51 (49)

President Bush's approval ratings in California

Approve 38 (40)
Disapprove 57 (56)
Ezra Klein
The bottom line is that the Republican's Great Austrian Hope hates governing. He doesn't like crafting bills, working with legislators, balancing interest group, or anything else. He likes appearing in front of people. He likes cutting commercials. He likes giving interviews. So he's attempting to create some weird, quasi-direct democracy in California that'll allow him to simply sidestep the legislative process altogether. Of course, you can't do that, the results don't work.
Matt Singer
The problem is that Schwarzenegger can't govern. And he somehow thinks it is OK to decry special interests while taking money from special interests and vetoing legislation that they oppose. Schwarzenegger is now less popular than George W. Bush in California.

Finally, we've found a politician who makes Gray Davis look ethical and makes Jesse Ventura look like more than a one hit wonder. We could hardly have asked for a better opponent. One could guess, even, that Schwarzenegger is a robot, sent back from the future, to lose.
Who is more of a lame duck Arnold or Bush?


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