January 25, 2007

John '08 McCain wants to Eliminate the Federal Minimum Wage

Republican Senator John '08 McCain joined with 27 Republican to vote for Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado bill that would have eliminated the federal minimum wage entirely and left the wage rate for the lowest-paid workers to each state. Bob Geiger notes, if Senator Wayne Allard bill would have become law Kansas minimum wage would have reverted to state-mandated wage of $2.65 per hour. The current federal minimum wage is $5.15 per hour which have not been raise in 12 years. Democrats in the House and Senate want to raise federal minimum wage $7.25 hour. But, Republican Senators filibustered the minimum-wage increase. In the majority Republican Senators were against the filibuster. Now, in the minorty they are all for the filibuster. Shameless.

Someone needs to ask Senator John '08 McCain how can a family in Kansas can live off $2.65 per hour?


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