January 23, 2007

Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts

The last time the Chicago Bears were in the Super Bowl, I was six years old. I really don't have any memories of actually watching the '85 team play football. All of my memories of the that great team comes from television highlights, word of mouth, sports radio and Saturday Night Live's Super Fans. The '85 Chicago Bears is always just going to be a team of legend to me. This time I'm old enough to appreciate all of the ups and downs of a football season in which my favorite team earned a spot in the Super Bowl. Last season a group of my friends and I watch most of the games at a local sports bar. There were Sunday noon games in which we were the only ones in the bar cheering on the Chicago Bears. No one expected great things from that team, but as the season drew to a close more and more people started to show up. The bar was packed to watch the Bears play the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs. The Chicago Bears stuffed a disappointing lost, the season was over.

This season started with high hopes, the Bears was suppose to win their division and reach the Super Bowl. My friends and I continued our Sunday rituals of watch the Bears game together. They started great, beating teams with their ball-hawking defense and explosive offensive. Then, good Rex turned into bad Rex and the defense lost two pro bowl players to injury. Despite of their downs the Chicago Bears keep on win football games. Coach Lovie Smith keep faith in Rex Grossman as this starting quarterback. The wise football men of television keep on picking the Chicago Bears to lose. The media darling of New Orleans came into Chicago as the favorites. The Chicago Bears beat them flat out, but it still feels this team lacks any respect.

It's understandable, the wise football men of television love the simplistic. New England Patriots good, AFC good, NFC bad, anything involving Dallas Cowboys is a lead story, Saints are a team of density and it goes on. The Chicago Bears can not break the conventional wisdom of football. This can change with one win in the Super Bowl. In the case of the Chicago Bears you have to earn respect the hard way. Which is a good thing for this team that is passionated about proving all of their critics wrong. Get ready for two long weeks of hype and the wise football men of television picking against the Chicago Bears.

My early prediction: Bears 27 Colts 17

Go Bears!


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