January 23, 2007

'08: Heavy Hitters

The Democratic primary field for President is shaping up to be a historic battles of heavy weights. On the top of the list is Senator Clinton following by Senator Obama and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards. Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico who is Hispanic and has a great resume will bring a lot to the table. Add the lower tier candidates like Governor Vilsack, Seantor Joe Biden, Senator Senator Chris Dodd and Rep. Kucinich this primary field will only bring best out of the Democratic party. The primary field right now covers all ideological and policy ground of the Democratic Party. This primary field already lost two candidates who are now top tier Vice Presidential candidates, Senator Evan Bayh and Governor Mark Warner. If Senator John Kerry jumps in the race is would add an other heavy weight. Let's not forget about General Wesley Clark who is still undecided but would be an excellent addition to the primary field. The biggest heavy weight of the field has not ruled running for President, Al Gore. I'm still holding out hope that he will make the run.

On the Republican side, it's Senator John McCain. An aging, deeply flawed candidate who is not trusted by religious right, has President Bush failed Iraq policy tied around this neck and is increased viewed as a pander and flip flopper. Governor Mitt Romney who was a liberal during a '94 Senate run turned hard right conservatives for a Presidential run. Finally, there is New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani an other deeply flawed candidate in a Republican primary. The second tier candidates like Senator Sam Brownback and Governor Mike Huckabee are running as the real, real conservatives in the race. The rest of Republican field are one issues candidates.

All of the excitement is on the Democratic side. As it stand right now, the Republican side seem very weak and they can not run away from President Bush either. Again, the heavy hitters are on the Democratic side.


At January 23, 2007 9:18 PM, Anonymous Hamilton said...

I think the funniest part is that you mentioned Kucinich and 'the best of the Democratic party' in the same breath.

Here is my view of the Democratic hopefuls:

At January 24, 2007 8:09 AM, Blogger Eloy said...

Hello Hamilton

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you have a good laugh. Yes, the whole Democratic field including liberal Rep. Kuncinich will only bring out the 'the best of the Democratic party'.

Let's compare third tier candidates Rep. Kuncinich to a third tier candidates of the Republican Party, Rep. Tom Tancredo who is an one issue candidate. His main issues is division with a dose of hate. On the other hand, Rep. Kuncinich is an antiwar liberal who supports universal health care. There a difference between the two parties.

The whole Republican field including Rep. Tom Tancredo will only bring out the 'the best of the Republican party' and it won't be pretty.


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