January 25, 2007

Sen. Obama: The time has come for ...

... universal health care in America.

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois is the third Democratic Presidential candidate to come out in favor or universal health plan. John Edwards and Rep. Dennis Kucinich were the first two Democratic candidates in the '08 field to propose universal health care. Universal health is going to be one of the central theme in the Democratic primary and in a general election. I expect the rest of the Democratic field will follow suit and introduce their respective plans for health care. As of now, I don't support one plan over an other. I do agree with Senator Barack Obama, the time has come for universal health care in American.

The current system of health care in American is broken. They are countless number of American who live without health care and the cost of Insurance is on the raise for the middle class while services are decreasing. It's good economic and moral policy. Preventive medicine will be one of the best elements of universal health care. It's more cost effective to preventing disease rather than curing it. People without health care fear going to the hospital due to the high cost, which leads to more sever illness and higher health care cost. With universal health care that person could have when to the doctor and received proper medicine rather than waiting and waiting in till you have to be rush into an ER. We can debate what's the best way to fund and implement universal health care but what is not for debate is that universal health care will be much better than the current system we have now.


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