August 4, 2005

Seriously, What Is Wrong With You Two?

Two jurors on the Michael Jackson trial now think he is guilty.
Two jurors who acquitted Michael Jackson of child molestation charges now say they think the pop star was guilty - and they are penning tell-all books about the jury's deliberations, the Daily News has learned.

"Guilty As Sin, Free as a Bird" is the title of 79-year-old Eleanor Cook's tome, according to Larry Garrison, president of Silver Creek Entertainment.

He will co-write the book with Cook's granddaughter.

And Ray Hultman, 62, will pen "The Deliberator" along with former Jackson family friend and author Stacy Brown. He co-wrote the successful "The Man Behind The Mask" with Jackson's former publicist Bob Jones.

"These books are going to rock the nation," said Garrison, a film and TV producer.

"Elly and Ray are two of the three jurors who [initially] voted for 'guilty'" Garrison said, referring to the early balloting in the jury's deliberation process.
Steve Gilliard is right.
This is vulgar in the extreme. These people couldn't wait to trash the kid and his mother, while letting a man who has paid $27m to children walk out of the courtroom free. Now they think he's guilty?

No shit. Who would read a book about an innocent Michael Jackson.

They should have voted that way and hung the jury instead. Not stick their hand out for cash. Now they believe the child was a victim of sexual predator? Nice.

They should go fuck themselves.
Those two jurors let a child molester walk away a free man, just to sell some books to make themselves rich. Truly disgusting.

What is wrong with you two?


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