August 4, 2005

Hey, I Might Give Golf a Try

Residents: Golf outing included strippers
A recent gentleman's club outing in which scantily clad women performed provocatively for male golfers on a Naperville course has embarrassed the town's mayor and prompted a criminal investigation.

Naperville police said Wednesday they have reviewed a videotape recorded by a woman who lives near the Country Lakes Golf Club on the city's north side but found no evidence that crimes were committed. The golf event was sponsored by Blackjack's Gentleman's Club in South Elgin.
Come on. Can those guys just go to the Strip Club at night rather than bring stripper to an golf outing, this happen around townhouses where children live. Personally, if I ever get a lap dance I rather get in a smoked filled, dark club with liquor on the table than in the day light on a golf course. The strippers look way better in the dark, anyways.


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