August 1, 2005

Hugo Chavez a Comedian?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced that 100,000 Latin Americans will undergo eye surgery in Cuba this year, as part of the island's Milagro (Miracle) Medical Program, which he said will also include patients from the United States as well.

During his weekly radio and TV appearance, President Chavez said the Cuban medical initiative is a free-of-charge eye surgery program for poor Latin American and Caribbean people. Chavez said patients from the US were also being included since the Bush administration continues to exclude a sizeable portion of the population from health care.
The very quotable President Chavez will take his socialist comedy act across Latin America, full with Bush bashing and Cuban praising. Seating is limited, so come early.

Hat Tip to Gadflyer
Further proof that Latin Socialists are way funnier than Otto Reich.
Seriously, it is time for a national health care system?


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