August 4, 2005

Say it anit so, Charlie Murphy

What?! "Chappelle Show" Kaput?
Charlie Murphy, a writer and actor on the funnyman's top-rated Chappelle's Show, dropped a bombshell to the New York Post Wednesday, saying that, to his knowledge, the hit Comedy Central series has officially run its course.

"I don't think Dave is going to do it anymore," Murphy told the Post. "We shot about eight shows for the third season, and they're hilarious. They'll be released on DVD, I'm sure. But that's it." [..]

According to Murphy, all was "fun, very normal" during shooting. One new skit they did for the new season was one of the funniest bits they ever came up with.

"It was hilarious," Murphy recalled to the Post. "I was Frankenstein, Dave was the Wolfman, Donnell [Rawlings] was the Mummy. We were living together and experiencing problems, because we're monsters. But I thought it was because I was black that all these things were happening, not because I was Frankenstein."
My favorite clip is Black Bush. Mars, bitches!


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