August 3, 2005

Is Pat Robertson Praying for Deaths on the Supreme Court?

Pat Robertson is urging this supporter to pray to GOD for death on the Supreme Court.
In a televised prayer on Tuesday for Judge Roberts's confirmation, for example, the television evangelist Pat Robertson asked his viewers to pray: "Take control, Lord! We ask for additional vacancies on the court." (A "prayer point" on the Web site for Mr. Robertson's "Supreme Court Freedom Project" includes "additional vacancies" as well.)
Take control, Lord? What does that mean?

John Aravosis...
So that means instead of praying for the speedy recovery of Chief Justice Rehniquist, Robertson hopes he dies or gets so ill that he can't continue. Or Robertson hopes some other justice (Please Lord, thinks Robertson, let it be that traitor Kennedy or that turncoat Souter or that she-devil Ginsburg) also gets ill or dies. How Christian. Of course, Robertson insists he's only praying for retirements. But since Rehniquist is gravely ill but clearly wants to continue at his job if possible, Robertson hopes the Chief Justice stays too sick and has to retire. So how can he possibly pray for retirements in good conscience when he KNOWS a justice is battling a deadly illness? Again, how Christian.
Click on the link to read the Pat Robertson ‘prayer points’.

To be fair and balance, one of Pat Robertson ‘prayer points’ is ..
Pray for the physical protection of Supreme Court justices, the current nominee, the Senate Judiciary Committee members, and all those involved in the confirmation hearings.
An other pray point is..
Pray that the person God desires would be appointed to the Supreme Court.
Again, what does Pat Robertson mean when he said, ‘Take control, Lord!’?


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