July 20, 2005

DLC Al From F OFF!

Yes, my friends this is an other DLC bashing Diary. Al From is once again preaching weakness in the face of corrupt, without ethics, beholden to big business and the ‘religious’ right, pro treason and torture Republican Party.
The controversy over the role presidential adviser Karl Rove played in naming a covert Central Intelligence Agency operative could help focus voters' attention on how Washington is run.

But Democrats need to be careful not to focus too much on hounding Mr. Rove at a time when voters know too little about what their own party stands for. If Democrats are smart, they also will avoid copying Rove's strategy of polarization, using controversial issues to whip up support from a loyal base of voters.

So say executives of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), a group of centrist Democrats founded to reconnect their party with "mainstream values and aspirations." Several hundred politicians affiliated with the DLC will meet next Monday in Columbus, Ohio, to plot strategies for a Democratic comeback in Congress and the White House.

"This controversy over Karl Rove probably just reinforces a lot of concerns in this country about the way Washington is run and about the arrogance of power in Washington," Al From, the DLC's chief executive officer, said at a Monitor breakfast Tuesday. "I think the way the Republicans have run the city, which they control, will be an important political issue."
Again, take your DLC Al From and shove it!

And, if any ‘smart’ Democrat runs as DLC candidate for President, Congress, or dog catcher I will oppose that person in till Al From is kick out of DLC offices.

(Hat Tip to Steve Gilliard)


At July 20, 2005 7:17 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

Informative post, cool blog!

At July 20, 2005 7:52 PM, Blogger bio-hazerd said...

nice blog. liberals rock! woohoo!


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