April 20, 2005

John McCain: Liberals Could Do Great Damage

Republican Senator John McCain on GOP nuclear option to end the filibuster of President Bush partisan, conservative judicial nominations.

"History shows that we won't always be in the majority. And if you had a liberal president and a Democrat-controlled Senate, I think that it could do great damage," Sen. John McCain said recently, explaining his opposition to a GOP proposal to curb minority party rights on judicial nominations.
Great Damage?

Iraq War, Terrorism on the raise, failure to capture Bin Laden, Higher prices of gas, housing, schooling, cost of living, heath care, raise of the American Taliban, attempt to wipe out the American safety net, homosexual as second class citizens, increase of nuclear nations.

I can go on and on, but I you get the point.

History will show that Conservative President and a Republican-controlled Congress, have done great damage to America.

A liberal President and a Democrat-controlled Congress will undo the great damage of Conservative governance lead by Bush, Cheney, Delay, Frist and you too, McCain.


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