April 16, 2005

An other Conservative fool: 4-16-05

I am getting sick and tired of conservative telling the people if you do not completely support President Bush and the Republican agenda you hate America, military, apple pie, the flag .... ect.

David Gelernter of Weekly Standard is a disgusting.

Even Iraq war opponents and Bush-haters say they honor Smith's courage. But their "honor" is mostly a sham. Unless you understand what drives a man like Sgt. Smith to become a soldier, the honor you do him is honor with a footnote (he was a brave man, but obviously some kind of weirdo).
David Gelernter want Democrats to be Democrats again, and stop hating America.

If Democrats would only resume being Democrats, the nation would rejoice: Can you imagine Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman failing in gratitude to the nation's soldiers?
David Gelernter is clueless, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman would not have invade Iraq after Bin Laden attack America. They would have use all of America strength to end the fear of terrorism and not increase it.

Joshua Holland responds to David Gelernter.

I’m Sick And Tired of These Jackasses…

The only difference is that the Austro-Hungarian Empire really did invade Serbia in 1914, and the Japanese really did bomb Pearl Harbor in 1941.

And I'm sure we'd all rejoice if the Republicans would only resume being Republicans and give up their evangelical ministry.

David Gelernter is truly a JACKASS!


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