April 16, 2005

VP Dick Cheney Endorse Senator Frist Religious War

Vice President Dick Cheney will cast the tie-breaking vote, if necessary, to change Senate rules and bar Democrats from protecting the American people of President Bush's extreme, partisan, conservative judicial nominees.

WASHINGTON — Vice President Dick Cheney said yesterday he is prepared to cast the tie-breaking vote, if necessary, to change Senate rules and bar Democrats from using filibusters to block President Bush's judicial nominees.

"I would support an effort to restore the constitutional practices that existed before the Democrats started using the filibuster for judicial appointments," Cheney said aboard Air Force Two as the Senate stands on the brink of a partisan showdown on the issue.
Vice President Dick Cheney want to work with Senator Frist change the Senate rules to achieve their objectives.

"If the decision is made" to change the rules, Cheney said, "I would certainly work with Senator Frist to achieve our objective."
What is the objectives of Dick Cheney and Bill Frist? To start a Religious War.

Right-wing Christian groups and the Republican politicians they bankroll have done much since the last election to impose their particular religious views on all Americans. But nothing comes close to the shameful declaration of religious war by Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader, over the selection of judges for federal courts.

Senator Frist is to appear on a telecast sponsored by the Family Research Council, which styles itself a religious organization but is really just another Washington lobbying concern. The message is that the Democrats who oppose a tiny handful of President Bush's judicial nominations are conducting an assault "against people of faith." By that, Senator Frist and his allies do not mean people of all faiths, only those of their faith.

It is one thing when private groups foment this kind of intolerance. It is another thing entirely when it's done by the highest-ranking member of the United States Senate, who swore on the Bible to uphold a Constitution that forbids the imposition of religious views on Americans. Unfortunately, Senator Frist and his allies are willing to break down the rules to push through their agenda - in this case, by creating what the senator knows is a false connection between religion and the debate about judges.

Senator Frist and his backers want to take away the sole tool Democrats have for resisting the appointment of unqualified judges: the filibuster. This is not about a majority or even a significant number of Bush nominees; it's about a handful with fringe views or shaky qualifications. But Senator Frist is determined to get judges on the federal bench who are loyal to the Republican fringe and, he hopes, would accept a theocratic test on decisions.
John Cole sums up Bill Frist and American Taliban.

If you don't share our politics, you hate the baby Jesus.

If you don't share our politics, you hate religious people.

If you don't share our politics, you are evil.

Congrats, Republicans. Our leaders have now taken the traditional rhetorical demonization of our opposition and elevated it to heavenly heights. I assume my friends on the right are going to spend the week-end attacking me for being a 'religious bigot' because I rightly point out the inappropriateness of this behavior.
Bill First and the American Taliban call themselves Christians.

As a Catholic, a person of faith and deeply held moral views, these people who want to turn America into Taliban of Afghanistan/America are un American, without morals and without shame.

This should be deeply offensive to every non-radical-nutcase-Christian in this country.


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