April 16, 2005

California Democrats Slam Schwarzenegger

This weekend the California Democratic Party is holding their annual convention, Democratic Speaker at a convention of state Democrats are slamming Republican Governor Schwarzenegger.
The governor has declared war on the state of California," Assemblywoman Judy Chu said. "He declared war on us and I declare war on him."
Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
Voters gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a chance when he became governor - they gave him high ratings and listened to what he had to say," said U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. "Now they see that what they thought they were getting is something quite different."California State Treasurer
Phil Angelides, Democratic candidate for Governor
We're right and he's just far-right," said state Treasurer Phil Angelides, who has declared his candidacy for governor and has been one of the Republican's most persistent critics.
Phil Angelides advises Democrats should not back down from a popular politician.

"It's wrong for Democrats to go along for the sake of getting along," Angelides said at a budget "town hall meeting" as Westly sat listening nearby. "It is wrong for us to wring our hands and say, 'hey, the governor's popular, he's a big celebrity, maybe we're the ones who ought to change our ways.'"
Go read all the broken promises of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's sagging poll numbers and recent political stumbles, California Democrats are ready to take on the movie star.


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