January 27, 2008

Top Five

A quick rundown of the posts I have read during my travels around the series of tubes.

- Matthew Yglesias: The Clintons are full of it.
After all this time being told by the Clinton campaign that Barack Obama is some kind of closet Reagan-worshipping right-winger, it's a bit confusing to be told that he's the second coming of Jesse Jackson, too.
- Slate: Is ESPN going to start calling blow outs an Obama?
Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton so badly in South Carolina it may spawn some new kind of Southern colloquialism. When Clemson spanks an opponent by five touchdowns it will be called an Obama. Fans will taunt the losing team as they walk off the field by making an "O" against their foreheads.
- Talk Left: The blogger Big Tent Democrat and rest of bloggers over at Hliary-land are having a melt down over the Clintons loss in South Carolina. Give it a read, if you want a good laugh.

- Crooks & Lairs: The Republicans Presidential candidates McCain and Romney are fighting who is going to keep American Troops in Iraq the longest.

- Fan House: This is ridiculous, $230 for a pair of sneaks.


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