January 26, 2008

Who else is tried of Edwards ‘Cheesy’ Campaign Rhetoric?

Yes, John Edwards is running a progressive campaign for the Democratic Nomination. I would definitely vote for him in the primary if I was not supporting Senator Obama. Heck, I voted for John Edwards in the 2004 primary in Illinois even after John Kerry was well on this way to Boston as the Democratic Nominee. This blog post his not about this progressive stands on the issues, rather it’s about his lack of a better word 'Cheesy' rhetoric.
"This is the New York and Chicago-style politics of personal attacks and trying to tear people down. South Carolina deserves better than that."
Senator you are full of it. South Carolina’s politics is no different than big city politics. It might be a bit dirtier, let’s not forget what happen to Senator McCain in 2000 in your beloved South Carolina.

Get off your high horse.
"I'm proud to be part of the 'grown-up' wing of the party"
If you were in Senator Obama place and getting attacked day in and day our by the Clinton Campaign, you would be hitting back just like Obama did. I know this type of rhetoric scores cheap political point, but it’s still very corny.


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