January 26, 2008

Who is actually running for President? Pt. 3

It is Senator Clinton or Bill Clinton?

Hilary Clinton pollster Mark Penn is making the case for Bill Clinton third term.
"President Clinton put this country on a fundamentally different path. He changed the fiscal nature of this country, he changed the international relations of this country…He left the country on a totally different trajectory where people felt they were prepared for the 21st century."
Did President Clinton really put this country on a fundamentally different path or just continued the path of the Republicans?
Clinton did essentially govern like a moderate Republican. His accomplishments, when the sentimental gestures are set aside, are indistinguishable from George Bush's. Like Bush, Clinton increased the top income tax rate a bit, raised the minimum wage modestly and expanded tax credits for the working poor. He reduced military spending somewhat but, like Bush, failed to restructure the military for post-cold war realities. He got tough on crime, especially drug offenders, and built many more prisons. He championed educational reform. He completed the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was mainly negotiated by the Bush Administration. On these and other matters, one can fairly say that Clinton completed Bush's agenda.
Go and read the rest of William Greider article about Bill Clinton's legacy, "Unfinished Business: Clinton's Lost Presidency."


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