May 16, 2007

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Democratic Senator Richard Durbin is up for reelection in 2008. Illinois Republicans and NRSC really hoped to make a run at Senator Durbin, but all early indications are pointing towards Democrats holding on to the seat. NRSC will put up a challenger against Durbin but, most of their efforts would be playing defense with a multiple Senate Republican facing tough reelection campaigns. The Illinois Republican coming off of 3 terrible election cycles in state wide races hoped to land a rich white guy self funded candidate, but wealthy businessman Steve Greenberg has opted out of the race.

The Republican are left with Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona who is described as a crackpot and Jim Rowe who looks too young to be running for dog catcher to challenge Durbin. But, hope is not lost. The Illinois Republicans are turning to a Doctor to bring them out of their coma.
A Republican suburban physician said Monday he’ll challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, calling him “too liberal” and a “divisive force.”

Dr. Steven Sauerberg filed his federal paperwork last week to start what looks to be an uphill climb against Durbin, who is seeking a third term next year in a state where Republicans have won only one statewide election this decade.

“My feeling is that Durbin just isn’t a good representa-tive in the state of Illinois,” said Sauerberg, 54, of Wil-lowbrook. “I think he’s a divisive force.”

Sauerberg also said he took issue with Durbin’s staunch support of abortion rights, but declined to offer specifics on his own position, calling it “complicated.”
It’s early, but the good doctor really needs to come up with a better answer to the women rights question than it’s complicated. Dr. Steve Sauerberg is just going to be another cookie-cutter candidate repeating played old taking points about how scary and liberal Democrats are. At this moment I don’t see any creditable challengers for Durbin. A sitting Congressman would be their best shot at Durbin, but Illinois GOP will have their handful holding on to their Congressional seats. So, no Congressmen are going to step up to challenge Durbin. But, at least the Illinois GOP is not dragging out Alan Keyes for another run.


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