May 15, 2007

Illinois 14th Congressional District

I might not have the opportunity to vote against disgraces former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert in 2008. Relatively low campaign war chest is fueling speculation of possible retirement. With the possibility of an open seat, State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia is forming exploratory committee. It’s early, but I think Democrat Chapa LaVia would make a strong candidate for several reasons. She already has a political base within the 14th Congressional District. Without the power of incumbency, the Republican candidates can not deliver on the promise pork projects to the area as Republican Dennis Hastert did. If elected Chapa LaVia would be in the majority in House and would be more capable to deliver to the district rather than a Republican in the minority.

The Illinois Republican party is weak and heading into 2008 Elections Republican name brand might be even weaker. The 14th Congressional Republican primary will get nasty as several candidates such as multiple times failed candidate Jim Oberweis and wing nut Chris Lauzen eyeing a run. Illinois Democratic ticket might have top draw if Seantor Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination for President. Along with Senator Durbin at the top of the ticket there is a strong possibility Illinois Democrats winning seats off the coattails of Senator Obama.

This is all idle speculation. Dennis Hastert has not decided to retire yet and Democrat Chapa LaVia will not run against Hastert. But, if I was Dennis Hastert retirement to K Street look much better than facing a rough re-election campaign to only to be back in the minority as a discredited Congressman.


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