May 14, 2007

Top Five

A quick rundown of the posts I have read during my travels around the series of tubes.

- The Carpetbagger Report: Republican John ’08 McCain continues to make a fool of himself.

- Liberal Oasis: Senator Straight Talk does not believe in democracy in Iraq. John McCain should have really skipped his Meet the Press appearance on Sunday.

- CW Arkansas: One of my guilty pleasures is watching Law & Order re-runs. If Republican Fred Thompson enters the Presidential race, NBC might have to pull Law & Order re-runs off the air. But, this might be a good thing. The only shows they would have to pull are the newer ones with the terrible D.A. Arthur Branch played by Republican Senator Thompson. I’m all for Thompson Presidential run if this would lead NBC to show more old-school re-runs of Law & Order.

- Think Progress: Despite consent smears by the media, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi approval rating remained unchanged. I fully expect the Right to continue their smear tactics. Its what they do best.

- Foulballs: The Tank rolls out fresh out of the County Jail.


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