January 27, 2007

Sunday Mass

I'm a Catholic who supports stem cell research. I have never been shy to defend my liberalism or my faith. I learn from my parents what was right and wrong, respect, equity, fairness, honesty and faith. But, I can not defend the acts of deacon Tom McDonnell of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic church.
Buffalo congressman Brian Higgins walked out of a Catholic church service Sunday after a deacon berated him during a sermon for the lawmaker's recent vote supporting stem cell research.

The public tongue-lashing came during morning Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic church, where deacon Tom McDonnell criticized the Democratic lawmaker.

Higgins, who was baptized and married in that church, walked out with his wife and son.

"Leaving was the appropriate thing to do," the two-term lawmaker said Wednesday, adding that he apologized "to the good people of St. Thomas Aquinas for their having been subjected to this whole, unfortunate and avoidable mess... Those people deserved much better."
The pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic church, the Rev. Art Smith, offered an apology from the pulpit after the congressman Brian Higgins walked out of the Church with this family.

I find this to be deeply troubling.

Yes, I understand the Catholic church opposed embryonic stem cell research. But, does not excuse the actions of deacon Tom McDonnell. It would have been more effective if deacon Tom McDonnell took this concerns directly to the Congressman rather than publicly attacking him during Sunday Mass in front of this family.



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