November 27, 2006

New England Patriots

No small feet: Brady makes Urlacher 'look bad'
It's one thing to have Tom Brady beat you with his arm, but, oh, the indignity of being beaten by his legs.

The key play on New England's fourth-quarter touchdown drive, the one that produced the game-winning points, came on third-and-nine from the 25 when Brady took off running and made a nifty move to run past Brian Urlacher for an 11-yard gain before sliding to a stop with a first down at the 14. It was the second-longest run of the season for Brady, who scrambled for 22 yards in a victory at Cincinnati earlier this season.

''That was pretty cool,'' Brady said. ''At least I can tell my kids one day that I shook Brian Urlacher. They probably won't believe me.''
I still can't believe it. But, Brian Urlacher missing a tackle did not lead to Bears losing the game. The blame goes to the offense lead by Rex Grossman. The Bears defense is great, but it can't overcome turnovers after turnovers. The Bears should have won this game.

Oh well, the Bears are still 9-2 and will have home field advantage in the payoffs.


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