November 21, 2006

'Far Left' Propaganda = Happy Feet

Apparently, the movie Happy Feet is liberal propaganda and should not be watch by patriotic Americans.


At November 21, 2006 4:52 PM, Blogger KC said...

Another Fox News gem.

That Cavuto report is almost comical. As if moral/educational lessons have never been put in a kids movie.

Did he get on TV and rant at 101 Dalmations because they taught you not to treat animals with cruelty?

Did he get on TV and rant at Finding Nemo? Those fish surely didn't want to be in the dentist office aquarium, and Nemo freed them. Did he rant because maybe his children might not want to keep fish in aquariums anymore?

How bout Bambi when the hunters killed the mother deer? Did he go on Fox News and defend the outdoorsmen groups?

I could go on and on...good ol' Fox News. :)


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