November 20, 2006

Am I a Second Class Citizen?

There is a movement to make a group of people second class citizens. Mexicans-Americans is the central target of this mobilization to deny U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants their civil rights in order to withhold the benefits of American citizenship. The 14th Amendment formally defines citizenship and requires the states to provide civil rights to all persons born or naturalized in the United States. Texas Republicans objective is to rewrite the provisions in Section 1 of the 14 Amendment in which U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants qualify for citizenship.

The purpose of attacking the 14th Amendment is to punish the children of illegal immigrants for the crimes of their parents. The crime of cross the border illegally to for a better life, the American Dream.
With the Democrats in charge in Washington, conservatives in Texas are wasting no time on a pity party. Republicans, after all, are still in the majority here, controlling every statewide office and the Legislature as well as the top courts. To press that advantage, conservatives plan to put their imprint next year on a variety of issues ranging from abortion to school vouchers. Their biggest push by far, however, will be passage of a host of bills dealing with illegal immigrants, including one that just might challenge the 14th Amendment, which defines citizenship and requires states to provide civil rights to anyone born on U.S. soil. [..]

Republicans began trooping into the state Capitol with stacks of bills aimed at cutting off benefits to illegal aliens, taxing their remittances south of the border, and requiring proof of citizenship at the voting booth. The harshest bill would deny welfare and other benefits even to the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens — rights supposedly given them under the 14th Amendment.
If the most extreme elements of legislation advance by conservatives becomes law, a vast group of people would become second class citizen overnight. Countless of number illegal immigrants along with their children might also become homeless.
The opening salvo in the fight was made this week by Farmers Branch, a suburb of Dallas which is nearly 40% Hispanic. Despite protests in the streets and threats of lawsuits and boycotts, the city council voted to make English the official language and fine landlords who rent to illegal immigrants.
If the 14th Amendment is rewritten solely by conservatives, I would lose the my vote due to the fact my parents are illegal immigrants, the right to received any benefits of American citizenship. I would in affect become a second class American citizen in my home country. I would have to live in the dark shadows of American life. The protection of civil rights would no longer apply to me.

Fortunately, my parents become America citizens in 1996. My civil rights are still protected. I do not have to worry about becoming a second class citizen in the only land I know. My father told me this story on the day he become a citizen. My mother was working at a factory when it was raid by INS. She was held and order to be deported back to Mexico. At the time, I was 7 my brother was 6 and the youngest was one. At the court date, My father told the judge, my sons are Americans and we are not going to take them back to Mexico and have them struggle to make a life in a land they didn't know. If you deport us to Mexico our sons stay here and you are going to have to take care of them. It never got that far, for some reason, the deported day never happen and my mother was let go. I ask him, were you really going to leave us here, He said no. His point to the judge was to tell him his sons are America citizens and as parents they worked hard to feed, clothes, teach , love us and so on. Who else was going to do that for his sons, but there parents. The same parents the judge was trying to deport.

My parents become citizens under the amnesty President Ronald Reagan passed. That summer My father went back to Mexico, not afraid to get caught at the boarder. He was able to cross the boarder freely as an America Citizen to visit his Parents. He only wanted to stay in America for a few years, but about 30 later he has made a life here and became a proud citizen in his adopted country.

Yes, my parents broke the law I understand that. I do agree we need solutions for illegal Immigration. But, politicians are play on peoples fears on this issue. Some people are against immigration due to low wages, and the loss of jobs. Others are against immigration due to dislike of anything `different' from themselves. It's simple just blame the immigrants for all of America problems. But, Who is willing to speak up for the voice less, power less, outcast, the minorities, among us versus the majority?


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