November 13, 2006

Da Bears: 38-20

Devin Hester 108-yard return for a touchdown:
''I probably would've downed it if I saw defenders coming at me full speed,'' Hester said. ''But it seemed like all of them were just kind of walking off the field like the play was over, and I decided to take it out.''

Hester took his sweet time making that decision. But once he burst out of the back of the end zone and found a wall of blockers on the right sideline, he put the game away in no time at all with a 108-yard return for a touchdown.

It was deja vu for Nathan Vasher, who sent his helmet and jersey to the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, after scoring a 108-yard touchdown against San Francisco almost exactly a year earlier (Nov. 13, 2005). Vasher loved seeing Hester tie his record for the longest touchdown in NFL history.

''Same team, same hesitation, everything,'' Vasher said. ''I'm so excited for him. I know how that can really spark a game and give us a chance to win. Just seeing the way he battled [back from a fumble] last week, it shows how great an athlete he is and what a great addition he is to our team.''


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