November 11, 2006

It must be rough if your wife...

.. did not vote for you.
Randy Wooten, candidate for mayor of Waldenburg, Ark., received NO votes in the election, yet he knows he voted for himself, according to AP:
Wooten got the news from his wife, Roxanne, who went to City Hall on Wednesday to see the election results.

"She saw my name with zero votes by it. She came home and asked me if I had voted for myself or not. I told her I did," said Wooten, owner of a local bar.
Wooten also says several people around town say they voted for him, so he's wrestling with whether it's worth going to the trouble of obtaining a court order to open the electronic voting machine to check the totals.

But here's my question: When his wife came in and said he hadn't received a vote and had to ask him if he'd at least voted for himself, didn't that tip him off that she hadn't voted for him?


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