November 9, 2006

Bye, Bye Hastert

Hastert re-elected, but days as House speaker are over
Election nights are usually a cause for celebration for longtime Rep. J. Dennis Hastert.
But on Tuesday, a somber crowd of supporters watched as Hastert's record run as GOP House speaker was headed for an end.

Returns indicated that Democrats had picked up 20 seats in the House, overcoming the Republicans' 15-seat majority.

Hastert left a gathering of his supporters at St. Charles' historic Hotel Baker before it was clear that Democrats had won control of the House. Hastert thanked the crowd and then the former high school wrestling coach and his wife ducked out a back door, climbed into a black SUV and drove away.
Hastert won't seek leadership post in GOP
WASHINGTON -- House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert , wounded by the GOP's loss of the House on Tuesday night, said yesterday he will not seek to continue as his party's leader in the next Congress.

"As a former wrestling coach, I know what it is like when your team takes second place in the state tournament. It hurts. And so it is with politics," the Illinois Republican said in a statement.

"The Republican leader in the 110th Congress will have the responsibility to emphasize conservative values and reform principles. I will not seek this role," but will stay on as a rank-and-file member representing Illinois's 14th district, the speaker said.
My bet is Dennis Hastert will not serve out his full term in office. The House Ethics Committee will finally put an end to the career of Tom DeLay lap dog. Under the leadership of Dennis Hastert, Republicans let Rep. Mark Foley continue his misconduct unabated and corruption was standard operating procedure for the Republican majority. Without Dennis Hastert, Illinois might lose pork but, it gains a Democratic majority who will work for the American people rather than big business and it's morally corrupt conservatives allies.

Do not let the door hit you on the way out!


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