November 9, 2006

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Steele May Seek to Head RNC
Defeated Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele (R) is considering "a bid for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee," according to The Fix.

"Steele would not challenge current RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, but chatter among Republican insiders is that Mehlman has made clear for months that he might not return to his current post."
Michael Steele recruited six busloads of poor and homeless Philadelphians to hand out flyers to Maryland voters portraying Steele and his ticketmate, governor Bob Ehrlich, as Democrats.

And this person want to become RNC chairman. Republicans are shameless.

Steve Gilliard
Michael Steele: you sir, are a clown, a well dressed clown. You only got to run for Senate because you had black skin to offer your white patrons. At no point have you ever stood with black people, protected them. Instead, like the lowest race hustling slug, you lied about your party affiliation, who supported you, everything you could.


Because you are a mediocre man, a man who serves the needs of others, even at the cost of his dignity. You solicited criminals, shucked and jived for Bush and lied on your own people for your own personal gain. You have earned this defeat and the return to ignominy that you deserve.


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