August 3, 2006

IL-14: Open Thread

Democrat John Laesch reported raising nearly $92,000, he has raised more than five times as much as Aurora schoolteacher Ruben Zamora did in 2004 in his race against Speaker of the Hous Dennis Hastert.

Republican Dennis Hastert has banked more than $3.6 million this election cycle.

Dennis Hastert Summer Tour of 2006: multi-state tour to help Republican incumbents and candidates raise money and campaign during the August congressional recess.

Dennis Hastert Tour Hits Texas!
Among the dozen or so congressional seats Republicans hope to pick up this fall is the Central Texas district that includes President Bush's Crawford ranch.

So says US House Speaker Dennis Hastert who was in Waco Tuesday to campaign for Republican businessman Van Taylor, who's challenging eight-term 17th District Democratic incumbent Chet Edwards.

Hastert says Taylor would make "a great addition" to Congress because he's an Iraq war veteran who understands sacrifices and family values.
Hastert spoke at a private fundraiser for Taylor in Waco that drew about 100 supporters.

Hastert says he's "playing offense" by campaigning in 42 districts nationwide throughout August.

He says Republicans are targeting Democratic districts in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont,West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Washington.

Taylor, who moved from Dallas to West a year ago, says he plans to focus on the issues that matter to residents of Central Texas.

He declined to say how much was raised at the fundraiser.


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