August 3, 2006

IL-6: Open Thread

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved $2.33 million in air time for Democrat Tammy Duckworth.

First Lady Laura Bush will headline a fundraising luncheon Aug. 14 in Addison, Illinois for Republican Sen. Peter Roskam.

A Republican and resident of the 6th District will help Democrat Tammy Duckworth tout her support for expanding federally funded of embryonic stem cell research.
Tom Bowler is a registered Republican from Glen Ellyn who contacted the campaign after Bush's veto--the first of his presidency. Bowler's recorded phone message states that his son, Joshua, 31, became a quadriplegic in an accidental fall two years ago, and that stem cell research holds his best hope of regaining some movement.

Bowler notes that Duckworth's opponent, state Sen. Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton), "led the fight against embryonic stem cell funding in Springfield. He would ban all such research, even if privately funded."


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