June 27, 2006

CT-Sen: Off It’s Rocker

Lieberman Press Secretary:
I just got off the phone with Lieberman's press secretary, and I can confirm that yes, she is a bit "kooky." I had called to find out simply what polling company the senator was using, and she nearly jumped down my throat: "Are you working on a story? Is this for a process story?!" She then ranted about how the campaign was focused on the issues of Connecticut voters, all the while growing more agitated. She terrorized me for a few minutes, asking why I had called, until I told her that I was only a lowly intern who knew nothing and oh, would she please let me go… Needless to say, she didn't answer my question.
Lieberman calls Ned Lamont ad BS!
Ned Lamont has a new ad that Hotline says could become “legendary.” In the ad, Joe Lieberman’s voice comes out of George W. Bush’s mouth. At the end, a picture of Lieberman slowly morphs into one of Bush. Lieberman called the ad “BS” in front of AFL-CIO delegates today. He also sent out a statement in which he described himself as a “scathing critic of the Bush Administration.”
As for 5:30pm CST, Senator Lieberman is still a Democrat.


At September 07, 2006 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my head is so f..cked up w/all this bushhitt....I am very saddened by the loss of Steve Irwin & this prick bush has said nothing about his loss & the loss to his family...all he cares about as usual is his own as....such a shallow man,....how can he go to God's house & actually think that he is a member of Christ's community....St. Francis was tired & needed a friend & Steve Irwin stood in to lend him a hand....all the people in the world should be in mourning.....we lost a great compassionate humanatarian & who else could make a human think of a crocodile as being beautiful?????? thanx for you time....Carol

At September 07, 2006 11:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

god bless steve irwin & his family!!!!

At September 07, 2006 11:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there any other words ni need to say other than "all you need is love"....& of course the man killed him off as well....why don't we make our next target Russell crowe.....after the rude & unspeakable act of disgust he put on in honor of Steve O....I hope he pays dearly for being such a prick & an insensitive human being....enough said.....bol to terry, bindy & robert....

At May 19, 2011 4:28 PM, Anonymous Poker Cards said...

Everything, everything.


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