August 3, 2006

IL-8: Open Thread

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved $2.32 million in air time for Democrat Rep. Melissa Bean.

CQPolitics Interview: Rep. Melissa Bean (IL 8)
CQ: Obviously, we’re not into September and October — the white-hot part of the campaign — yet. But will voters have a very clear choice between you and David McSweeney this fall?

Bean: Yes, I think there is going to be a very clear choice. There’s a moderate, centrist suburban incumbent member of Congress [who is] very much representing this district, which is fiscally conservative and socially more moderate. And then you’ve got extremism.

CQ: On what issue positions does he fit that definition?

Bean: Let me just say that those positions offered from [my] opponents are out of the mainstream with this suburban mainstream district.
CQPolitics Interview: David McSweeney (IL 8)
CQ: ... What is the general feeling of the [Republican] base? There’s been some talk that they’re not as enamored [with the Bush administration] or energized as they once were.

McSweeney: There is concern. The things the base is upset about right now — spending in Washington. ... There is a lot of concern about what they perceive as special interest earmarks. ... That’s No. 1.

No. 2, there is a lot of frustration on the Senate bill on immigration. And No. 3 is, what I hear over and over again is, when is the Republican Party going to get back on the offensive and draw the issue differentials? ...

Those are the three things that I hear about over and over and over again. And that’s why I’ve been pounding away, over and over again, in a positive way on spending. I’ve been talking about that when I joined the campaign — that we need to cut spending in Washington, D.C. We need to reform Congress. ...

As a party, to get our base out, we need to talk about those three issues. Talk about cutting spending. Talking about enforcing the borders, but do it in a positive way that doesn’t turn people off. ... and talk about energy policy. I think those are three important issues for the base. ...

With independents, it’s less immigration — it’s economic. It’s a combination of gas prices and pensions. That’s a big issue because we have United Airlines — not in my district, but right next door. ...

[Independents are] concerned about their jobs, they’re concerned about pensions, they’re concerned about gas prices, they’re concerned about trade.
CQPolitics Interview: Bill Scheurer (IL 8)
CQ: Could you outline some of the reasons why you are running, and also this time as an independent rather than as a Democrat?

Scheurer: Well, the reason I want to run is because I want to help people, and I feel the other two parties have completely lost sight of the idea of helping people. Obviously, if you look at our party platform, there are four key areas where we think people need a lot of help.

CQ: Could you elaborate on how the two parties have “lost sight”?

Scheurer: Well, they’re both really beholden to the interests of corporations and wealthy people. They get their money from the same places. Their economic policies become more fused to align with the interests of global corporations and wealthy people and individuals.


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