June 26, 2006

CT-Sen: Durbin (D) & Feingold (D)

Senator Durbin on Lieberman, This Week with Stephanopoulos.
Stephanopoulos: Will you commit to support the winner of the Democratic primary?

Durbin: I’m going to support Joe Lieberman and I hope he wins the Democratic primary and I’m going to support him in every way that I can even though we disagree on the war. We have a much different point of view, but I know Joe Lieberman and I’ve worked with him for a number of years and I think he’s a good member of our caucus and should be re-elected.

Stephanopoulos: So if he loses the primary and runs as an Independent you’ll still support him?

Durbin: I’m going to support Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary and I’m confident, I hope that the voters…

Stephanopoulos: ..but that’s not what I asked…

Durbin: I know it isn’t…I’m not going to accept your premise because I think he’s going to end up with the Democratic nomination.
Senator Feingold on Lieberman, NBC Meet the Press with Tim Russert.
I have a lot of admiration for Joe. He’s a fine guy. He helped me a great deal on Campaign Finance Reform. I think Ned Lamont’s position on the issues is much closer to mine on critical issues. I think this is something that’s going to be decided by the people of Connecticut. I’m not going up there. But I’ll tell you this Tim, I’m going to support the Democratic nominee who ever that is.
One will respect Democratic voters wishes, another will not. Senator Durbin and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership should support the Democratic primary winner in Connecticut.

As of 10:30 CST, Senator Lieberman is still a Democrat.


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